What to Look for in a Security Screen Door

Security screen doors Los Angeles CA should have certain features to ensure that they are as safe and secure as they can be. There are tons of different options, but you want to make sure that you look for specific things. Some of these important features are listed below.

To begin with, you want to make sure you know exactly what materials the frame and infill of the security door are. For the frame, it can come in steel or aluminum. With, steel is the most effective while aluminum experiences less corrosion. In terms of infill, the materials commonly used are: steel, aluminum grille, structural grade aluminum perforated sheet, or stainless steel mesh. The most effective material are steel bars, motifs, or grilles. Basically, you want your screen door made mostly of steel parts because it’s most effective and will hold up the best.

The next thing you want to look for are mitered corners. What this means is that all corners are filled in with steel instead of being hollow. Keep in mind, if corners are hollow, water can easily get inside and rust from the inside out. In addition, hollowed out corners are much easier to bust through than solid steel. This means that the steel corners will do a better job of keeping people and objects out because it will take much longer to get through, if they can get through at all. Keep in mind, regardless of the mounting you choose, you want to ensure the corners are mitered.

The best locks for security doors are ones that are 5 pins or equal to that. The locks that are the easiest to get through are wafer locks. You could also choose a 3-point lock, which would do well keeping an intruder from pulling the top and bottom of the door out. The great thing is that most locks will have a 25-year warranty, which means replacement is easy and convenient. Since locks are one of the most important things for security, you really want to make sure it’s high quality and adequate.

The final important feature has to do with the hinges. Your best bet for safety and security is to have a screen door that has at least 3 hinges. You also want to ensure that the pins can’t be removed. To make it safer, you could always have the pins welded in so there is no chance of removal without loud tools. Try to get the biggest pin that you can. Another thing you want to make sure of is that there isn’t space between the door and hinge where someone can jimmy their way in. Something that does the same job as 3 hinges is one giant hinge that goes along the entire door.

While there are so many different options, these are the ones that are most important. If the door doesn’t have these, then it’s not as safe or secure as it can be. In addition, you want to make sure you get the strongest options for each feature. By doing so, you’ll be able to feel confident that your screen door will be secure and safe.