Should I Get New Double Glazed Windows? –  A Guide

It’s hard to tell sometimes whether new windows will be a wise investment for you or not. We don’t usually buy windows every day or even every decade, and many people find themselves well into adulthood before they have to think about replacing windows. Not to mention, double glazing salesmen have a lousy reputation for taking advantage of people and misinforming them.

However, in this day and age, there’s no need to stay misinformed. There is a glut of information to be found online, and you have the opportunity to take matters into your own hands. Do your own research, and find out if you do truly need new windows or not. Here are some things to think about so you can get started.

You don’t need new double glazing if:

  • You live in a very warm climate

In the UK, we all benefit from good double glazing since it gets so chilly in the winter. However, if you’re living in a warmer climate, you may not need them. Temperate climates are fine for us even without extra protection from the outside. This is not true for everyone, but if you don’t feel cold draughts or suffer from poor insulation, you may not need new double glazing! Think about how comfortable you feel in your home. No need to make changes if you are comfy all year around.

  • You live in a very cold climate

Conversely, when you live in a place that is very very cold in the winter time, double glazing may not be enough. Even if you replace your current units, you may not achieve the level of comfort and satisfaction you’re looking for. This is why for very cold places that need extra insulation, we recommend you choose triple glazed windows. That extra pane of glass makes a world of difference.

  • Your current windows are just fine

One of the biggest reasons why people purchase new double glazing is to update the look of their home, or to replace damaged units. If your windows look good and aren’t damaged, why are you looking to replace them? Perhaps all they need is a lick of paint or some repairs, not a full window replacement. So think about what you want and how this change could help you on that path. A simple repair may be enough.

You probably do need new double glazing if:

  • Your windows are broken

Broken windows are a sign of an unloved home. Of course, you aren’t going to live with broken glass, but sometimes there are smaller damages that still make your window less insulating and less safe. An unnoticed broken latch can cause a lot of heartache. If you’re getting new windows, new double glazing is almost a given in many places. While you can choose single or triple, most people will benefit from double glazing for insulation from the outside elements and sound.

  • You feel cold in your home

Windows that are letting warm air out and cold air in should be replaced or at least thoroughly repaired. You can test this by simply standing close to your window and testing whether you can feel cold air coming though (of course, this works best on very cold days). Alternatively, you can hold a lit candle up to the edges of a closed window to see if the flame flickers. If it does, you have a leak and may need to replace your double glazing.

  • You suffer from noise pollution

As if letting the cold air in wasn’t enough, faulty windows also allow for noise to enter our homes more than new or well-functioning ones. If you suffer from noise pollution, think about replacing some windows in some parts of your home. The living room and the bedroom are popular since these are the places where we most value peace. New double glazing can solve the problem of noise pollution if the windows are top notch and well installed.