Preparing Your Boat for Winter Storage

If you own a boat and you want to use it net summer in the same condition that you stored it in, there are some steps that you should take before you store your boat for the summer. Some people think that all they have to do is take the boat out on the water and into the storage facility. If a boat is stored without proper preparations, it can speed up wear and tear and you might end up covering very expensive repairs. Therefore, if you want to use your boat next summer in perfect condition, follow the steps below.

Drain and clean the boat

Logically the first thing to do would be to remove the boat from the water. After removing the boat drain the bilge, water tanks, seacocks and the pipes. If it is possible you should raise the bow to speed up the drainage. After draining all the water spray the bilge with a moisture displacing lubricant. Your next step would be adding antifreeze into the water tank and the engine so that they do not freeze. You can now move on to the next step which is cleaning the boat. Use water and soap to clean the exterior and the interior of the boat. Do not forget to clean the interior as well. As the boat dries. Repair any blisters on the boat if it is made from fiber glass. After the boat is clean and dry cover it with wax. Wax prevents corrosion of the body.

Winterize the engine

This includes flushing the engine with fresh water so as to remove ant dirt or salt. After doing this you should fill the coolant system with antifreeze. Change the oil and do not forget to change the filters as well. Remove any drive belts and store them to prevent them from snapping due to tension during storage. You should then fill up the gas tank to prevent condensation in the empty tank. Use a fuel stabilizer to ensure the fuel is ready to use the next time you intend to use the boat. Ensure that you lubricate all moving parts including the steering system and other control mechanisms. 

Prepare the battery

You should proceed to taking out the battery and fully charging it. After doing this you should grease the terminals and the battery cables. Only after doing this should you store the battery in s warm dry place. 

Choose the right storage unit

After preparing the boat, you should find a place to store it. Look for a reliable boat storage facility Delray Beach FL. Shop around until you find a reputable storage facility. Ensure that you book a unit earliest possible.

Owning a boat is not just about the fun part, there are responsibilities attached. Since it is an investment you must ensure you store it properly so that it can serve you for longer. Follow the above tips to ensure the boat is properly stored throughout winter.