How to find and fix a roof that is leaking?

Leaky roofs is kind of a usual thing that happens around us. If you learn how to spot the leak and fix it all by yourself you are not only going to save your money but also your precious time that you will have to spend otherwise running after the professionals of the roof repair. So if you are ready to give a chance to learning the roof repairing experience then here we are to help you with it all.

How to identify a leaky roof?

Let us first understand what a leaky roof is and how you can know that your roof is leaking. The answer is simple, if you are finding some drops falling off the ceiling or if you find water stains running along the walls then you for sure have a leaky roof that is asking you to get repaired. Fixing a leak is not a hard job but finding the leak is difficult. Once you know where the leak is, you can repair it easily. Also, do not ignore minor leaks or faults in the roof no matter you are going to get a new roof in a couple of months. Every leak has to be checked and fixed because it can cause larger problems in the future.

Steps to follow to fix the leaky roof all by you

You can call some Fort Worth roofing repair for the purpose or else follow our step by step approach to fix the leakage.

  • To spot the point from where the leak is happening, you will have to run water on different points of the roof. When the water will reach the point where the leak exists, the drops will start falling inside at the ceiling. You will have to position a person inside the house to monitor where the leak started at and to acknowledge you right at the time to get it fixed.
  • Now that the other person has acknowledged you about the position of the leak, you will have to check for the curled, tangled or broken shingles exactly above that place.
  • Fix the leak by applying the roof asphalt cement on it and let it dry until it’s intact. Now that you have got the cement ready in your hands, take your time to search for any curled up shingles and put cement onto them as well. During the extreme weathers, due to contraction and expansion of the materials, the shingles do get curled up. Regular maintenance of the shingles will lead to less repair and leakage.
  • If there are such shingles that you cannot attach them with the help of cement, then the shingles damaged to this extent need to be replaced. Put the new ones the same way and use small nails to fix them in place. This will keep the shingles intact for longer time and will help strengthen the whole structure of the roof for years to come.