Special Worms That Love Munching on Termites

A homeowner in Salt Lake City has many enemies who are looking to destroy their property. Some of the most destructive enemies are termites. There are more than 3, 000 termite spices in the world; it is estimated that they cause damages worth more than $5 billion every year. The insects reproduce at a high rate; therefore, they are easy to control when infestations are noticed in their initial stages.

Further, termites are as industrious as bees, meaning they can damage property within a short time. Pesticides have made termite control in Salt Lake City easier, but have you ever wondered what people would be used if there were no chemicals? Special microscopic roundworms, also known as beneficial nematodes, can be used to control termites in Salt Lake City.

What are beneficial nematodes?
They are naturally-occurring microscopic, parasitic roundworms. They are called ‘beneficial’ because they contain gut bacteria, a kind of bacteria that kills insects but does not harm mammals. Beneficial nematodes are abundant on the earth surface, but since they are microscopic, it is difficult to harvest them by yourself. However, if you are looking to use them to control termites, you can buy the nematodes from a pest control store.

How do they control termites?
Beneficial nematodes are parasitic worms, meaning they enter the termite’s body and start feeding on it. The guts of the worms produce bacteria that poison the insect and kill it. The worms consume their host completely before moving to the next one. Beneficial nematodes multiply quickly as they feed on their host; thus, they can eliminate termite colonies within a short time. Besides termites, beneficial nematodes also consume other household insects such as cockroaches, ants, and black flies.

How are beneficial nematodes applied?
Beneficial nematodes are normally sold in the form of dry granules. You must dissolve the particles in water to apply the worms. After dissolving the granules, you should let the solution sit for about ten minutes before spraying it on the infested areas using a spray bottle. It is advisable to spray the backyard before moving into the house; this is because termites love moist environments. If you can’t see any termites, they are likely hiding in the backyard.

You should strive to cover all infested areas when applying the nematodes. Also, the worms may have difficulties surviving in the new environment, so you should sustain spraying the nematode solution for about one week. Spray the solution before sunrise or after sunset. This is because heat and sunlight can inhibit the action of the parasitic worms. Furthermore, do add fertilizer within two weeks of applying the beneficial nematodes. If you don’t have a spray bottle, you can spread the nematodes granules over the infested area; however, you should moisten the area before and after the spreading the pellets.

Are beneficial nematodes effective in termite control?
Beneficial nematodes are one of the most effective green methods of eliminating termites. This is because the worms multiply very fast; furthermore, the nematodes continue feeding on the termites until they are eliminated. The nematodes will stay in the area you applied them so long as there are insects. When they eliminate pests in one area, they migrate to other infested places