7 Summer Pests to Watch Out For And Tips to Prevent Them

As the days warm up, all the insects and pests that were in hibernation begin to creep out and start their quest for food.

Combined with their inborn instinct to reproduce during this season, it spells disaster. Here are seven troublesome summer pests to watch out for along with a few suggestions on how you can keep them at bay. You may also seek more guidance from your local pest control service provider.

  1. Mosquitoes

A major irritant in summer, mosquitoes can be quite bothersome with their constant buzzing and stinging bites. Besides leaving you annoyed and covered in itchy bumps, these insects can also transmit harmful diseases. This is why it is vital to resort to proactive measures early on in the season.

Prevention: The first step to prevention of mosquitoes is doing away with standing pools of water across your property. Mosquitoes reproduce in these pools of water and by eradicating these breeding spots you will effectively rid your surroundings of these pests.

  1. Ants

Almost every homeowner has to deal with ant infestations at some time or another. Though not a danger to the health of humans, ants are bothersome and too many of them can be a serious threat, particularly during the summer season. The months of summer and monsoon are when ant troubles peak in homes and they can soon be all over the house if appropriate checks are not put in place well in advance.

Prevention: The best way to keep ants away is by storing and sealing all food securely. After each meal, be sure to clean up all crumbs and spills. Also, discard your garbage on a regular basis. If ants have found their way inside your home, trace their path and shut off their access points. Nothing wrong with a little poison here.

You may see insects inside more after a hard Arizona rain. This is because the flooding waters has pushed the insects away from their home and they will look for another place to find shelter.

  1. House Flies

They are drawn to food and sweet beverages like soda, alcohol, and the like (this is another reason not to drink this stuff). Seen most often in the kitchen or pantry where these items are found, flies will be all over the house in a matter of minutes. If there is any decaying fruit or spilled liquids in the house, flies will flock to it and start reproducing rapidly. They are carriers and transmitters of disease and a few also bite.

Prevention: Keep your house clean by wiping down surfaces with disinfectants, disposing of garbage regularly, and removing food scraps and leftovers immediately after a meal.

  1. Ticks

Summer ticks are a source of worry for pet owners. It is the season when pets like dogs and cats venture outside with their owners and this increases the possibility of ticks making their way to these animals. Once ticks stick to the skin, they can transmit dangerous diseases particularly when not discovered for a long period.

Prevention: Regular checking of your pet is the best way of preventing ticks. After every outing, comb your pet’s fur seeking small ticks that might have latched on to their skin. If you find any, remove them fully along with the head. Use tweezers and a magnifying glass to do this.

  1. Termites

Termites disappear underground during harsh winters only to surface as the weather warms up. They are on the lookout for a viable food source and if they zero in on your house, they could gnaw away at the wooden structures causing significant damage and rendering the property unlivable till the infestation is treated.

Prevention: Periodic inspection of the wooden structures in your home is the best way of termite prevention. If you find any indications of an infestation, immediately contact a termite control company or professional to get it treated in the right manner. Someone like Delbert McClintock (John Goodman!) in Arachnophobia would do!

  1. Stinging Insects

As the warmer months roll around, the number of bees and wasps and other stinging insects increases. These pollinating insects are integral to nurturing the natural plant communities and seed production. At the same time they can be dangerous and attack anyone if they feel threatened in any way.

The month of August is when these insects are at the peak though they can be found all through summer. Largely harmless to humans, their stings can be life-threatening to those who are allergic to them.

Prevention:  Removing the nest of stinging insects is the best way of eradicating these pests from your yard. A professional is best qualified to remove hives and prevent a life-threatening swarm from converging on you.

  1. Cockroaches

An irksome problem all through the year cockroaches become a major issue during summer as they seek shelter from extreme temperatures. Given their tendency to rapidly multiply, having just a few of them inside the house can soon turn into a full-blown invasion.

Prevention: Removing the things that attract cockroaches is the best way of curbing the problem. Keep your house clean by disposing of food scraps after meals, taking out the trash often, and discarding clutter that provides hiding places for cockroaches.

If these solutions don’t work out and your house is run over by insects, seeking professional help from a commercial pest extermination company might be a sagacious idea. Don’t wait until it is too late!