Using a Full Service Moving Company to Move Your Home or Office

Moving a family or a business from one location to another is one of the most harrowing experiences for anyone. The pressure to wrap everything properly so that it arrives in tact is extreme as is keeping everything organized so that it can be found after it’s delivered. The best way to have a reduced stress move is to hire professional packers. Start by organizing every room: put breakable and delicate things in one area of the room; leave the furniture where it is; plan to undress the windows and roll up the floor rugs; remove the wall hangings; and finally pack the clothes, some of which you will want to place in hanging boxes. When you create a general organization, it is time to invite the professional packers in. If you have ordered the packing supplies you need from a full service moving company Richmond VA all you have to do now is let the professionals get to work wrapping and packing your things.

Equipment Supplied by the Moving Company 

• The Semi, Truck or Van
• The Lift Gate
• The Moving Straps
• The Rolling Carts
• The Push Carts
• The Packers
• The Movers

Label Your Boxes

You’ll want to stick around to label the outside of the boxes. That label will probably read, living room, dining room, Ben’s bedroom, Mom and Dad’s bedroom, etc. This will make moving the boxes into the proper spaces in the new place much easier. The movers can do this before they leave. Most families that move just have the movers drop the boxes into the first room they come to because of lack of organization. You can eliminate that oversight by labeling the rooms of the new home and labeling the boxes before you leave the first house.

Packing Methods

Because you’ve purchased the right packing supplies, you can give the movers a quick tutorial about how you prefer your delicate items be packed. For instance, maybe you want your glass nick-knacks wrapped in bubble wrap and then stored in bubble wrapped lined boxes and Styrofoam peanuts sprinkled liberally in between. That may be a bit excessive, but if you’re willing to pay for the materials and the labor, that’s your right to get what you want. It’s not an unreasonable request.

• Wrap your wood furniture with thick blankets.
• Place wall art in separate boxes.
• Cover upholstered furniture with plastic.
• Roll up floor rugs and cover them with plastic.
• Wrap mattresses with plastic.
• Pack and store bed and throw pillows.
• Pack dishes in double walled boxes with thick paper linings between layers.
• Wrap blankets around appliances to preserve their finishes.

An Office Move

It may be an office you are relocating. It’s basically the same process as moving a house, but unlike a home, you may not be able to get your regular employees to pitch in for the move. In such a situation, you will definitely need professional packers and movers. In this case, first ask your employees to take all their personal items home before the move and to organize any current work and either keep it with them or take it to the new location ahead of the movers. After that, simply position yourself where you can see as much as possible and allow the magic to happen-Your stuff will appear at the new location.