Save your hard-earned dollars on a move – Can a cheap removalist help you?

Planning and preparation is undoubtedly the key to a smooth move. While moving locally, majority of the removalists charge by the hour and if they want an hourly move to go off well, it has to be performed professionally so that reducing the total duration will help you save money while moving from one house to another. Interstate movers are charged according to the volume and hence if you reduce the quantity, this will also reduce the costs.

More than ever before, people have been looking for ultimate ways of saving money. There are many cheap interstate removalists but when you wish to save your hard-earned dollars, you should double-check so that you don’t end up seeking help of a company that is illegitimate and is not responsible enough to handle your household items. So, here are few ways in which you can save money while hiring interstate movers.

#1: Read the fine print carefully to spot hidden costs

What is supposed to be the weight allowance for a specific moving container? The average household items packing inside a 20 ft moving container is 7 tonne but there are many removalists which charge for a surplus weight of 5 tonne. Do they include insurance in the price of your quote? Check out for both public liability insurance and transit insurance as both of these are essential. In case you need storage at both end of the move, did they tell you about the costs? Do they include packing materials in the cost quote?

#2: Donate or sell off unwanted items

Moving from one place to another is the best time to take stock of your possessions. All those items which you don’t need any more can be donated to charity and there are also many who will even pick up donations from your doorstep. If you want to raise money, you can list items in websites like eBay and Craigslist so that you can carry forward an old garage sale to sell off all junk items.

#3: Source supplies of packing in advance

If you do a little bit of pre-planning and forethought, you can get all your packaging supplies free of cost. Get in touch with local stores and know about the costs of packing boxes and you will also find many who are glad to part with them. You can even get free packing supplies from Gumtree and this can be a good option for recycling.

#4: Maximize the load of your move

This is more of a smart attitude which you can apply when you’re loading the container with as much as you can so that more things fit inside. Be tricky about packing things in a secured manner so that they fit in together and they not only maximize space but also make easier movement.

So, being able to save money while hiring an interstate moving company is not a big deal. With little bit of prior planning, you can take the above mentioned steps to fulfill your wish.