Top five kitchen makeover ideas in 2019

Until a few years ago, the kitchen used to be relegated as a cooking zone. It was an area where food was prepared and dishes were cleaned. Today, however, the kitchen plays a significant role and is the focal point of any home. And because kitchens have transformed dramatically over the years, it is essential to remodel your kitchen to enhance the overall look and appearance of the house. A home renovation loan from any lender like Tata Capital can ensure a smart kitchen built from the ground up. If you are looking to remodel an older kitchen, you can make use of a home extension loan and pay in easy instalments. Here we look at leading kitchen makeover ideas from design experts that are likely to trend in the coming months.

  • Smart kitchen

With the advent of technology, a modern kitchen today is replete with essential gadgets and appliances. Today, you can install technology into every aspect of your kitchen, from the lighting to faucets and refrigerators. With a home renovation loan, you can opt for smart gadgets, devices and sensors for added convenience. For instance, look into motion-sensor equipped kitchen faucets that can sense your hands underneath and automatically flow water without a touch. There are also gadgets that can allow you to control your kitchen lights from your smartphone or computer. Remodelling your kitchen to integrate technology is fast becoming popular with homeowners today.

  • Out with pastels, in with the dark

For years, white cabinets were a classic appearance that could be used to blend with any kitchen style. This year, there has been a spate of a variety of paint and wooden-stain colours that has lowered the popularity of white. Dark tones such as plum, steel grey, navy, emerald green and deep jewel tones are working its way to enhance kitchen spaces. Dark cabinet colours exude a deeply rich, luxurious atmosphere and display elegance that white somehow fails to bring. If you are planning to choose laminates for our kitchen, you can avail a home renovation loan to buy the same.

  • Quartz over granite

The elegance of quartz as kitchen countertops presents a supreme aura; and is surprisingly, extremely hardy, despite its translucent and delicate appearance. Quartz can last for several years, is easy to maintain and is antimicrobial. On the other hand, granite requires higher maintenance. An increasing number of homeowners are now opting for quartz in a wide variety of colours and realistic stone textures. You can extend your quartz countertop to your composite sink and create a uniform look that can make maintenance and cleaning a breeze. While stainless steel is still prevalent, the entry of quartz can change the game. Make sure you buy the best material with the help of a home renovation loan.

  • Kitchen islands

Synonymous with luxury and warm welcoming experience, the kitchen island is an excellent place to perch and can also be used for added storage. By adding a few barstools, you can create a casual dining area in the same space. A personal loan in the form of the home renovation loan can be your answer if you want to add that extra sense of luxury in your kitchen.

  • Multifunctional and hidden storage

One of the biggest problems in the kitchen area is unused and open spaces. Clever and concealed storage with maximised and intelligent storage solutions are currently the rage. Additional storage in the form of ceiling height covers and tall units with overhead cabinets are becoming a huge trend. Since kitchens are getting more compact, adding multifunctional and hidden storage is now becoming an essential feature. If rebuilding a compact yet multi functional is on your agenda a home renovation loan from Tata Capital can help..

Remodeling your home, especially your kitchen with technology integration, can be an expensive task. As we move towards a sustainable future, it is vital to remodel our home in a manner that is not only stylish but also practical. However, these changes do not come cheap. You can take a home renovation loan to fulfill your kitchen remodeling tasks and repay in easy installments.