Characteristics and Advantages of a Hamptons Style Kitchen

Hamptons style kitchen is an extremely prominent kitchen style in the industry. This type of design originated from a small village in the Eastern part of Long Island, New York but has since grown as one of the most popular kitchen styles in the world thanks to its elegant yet calm and coastal signature interiors. Unlike any ordinary kitchen, a Hampton kitchen primarily involves the usage of the colour white and colour palette which gives the space a warmth feeling.

Typical characteristics of a Hampton kitchen include but are not only limited to exquisite shaker cabinetries and contrasting door handles. Shaker cabinetries normally feature a slight or semi-gloss look that gives the kitchenette a high-end feel. Ordinarily, shaker cabinets are painted white and often come in flat-pack variations which make them easy on the eyes.

Complimentary door handles, on the other hand, provide a modern feel to a Hamptons style kitchen. Contemporary enthusiasts can opt-in for modern accessories such as black door handles while traditional fanatics can choose to use a silver blush on the doors. To achieve best results, it is most desirable to evaluate the interior design of the kitchen before deciding on what type of contrasting door handles to use.

In connection with contrast, designers conclude that one of the most important aspects of a great kitchen is contrast and a Hamptons style kitchen has it all in spades. Normally, a Hampton kitchen is made up of white cabinets and dark floorboards such as deep charcoal or a chocolate tone which make the space more sophisticated.

Another staple of a Hampton kitchen is marble benchtops which are absolutely necessary for this particular kitchen design. It is, however, important to remember that the benchtops do not necessarily need to be made up of marble as some stones such as the Caesarstone also work splendidly in this specific style. Nonetheless, interior designers believe that homeowners should go after thicker benchtops as it provides a more high-end look that can ultimately change the complete outlook of the kitchen.

Benefits of a Hampton Kitchen

Besides its eye-catching and spacious design, among the primary advantages of a Hamptons style kitchen include:

  1. It Makes You Creative

A Hampton kitchen provides homeowners a neutral palette which can easily be adapted to fit their respective homes thanks to its sleek yet minimalist look and design. In addition, this specific kitchen style can also allow homeowners to unleash their creative spirits as it enables them to add their personal design touches. Furthermore, homeowners can also choose to include splashbacks and marble benchtops to generate further elegance to the room.

  1. It Makes You Feel Relaxed

What makes a Hamptons style kitchen stand out from the rest is its uncanny ability to help homeowners feel more relaxed. With a primary emphasis on coastal designs, a Hampton kitchen gives the means for homeowners to not only feel comfortable and enjoy the space but also accommodate visitors in various types of entertainment.