What Makes a Quality Chesterfield Sofa?

Chesterfield sofas are iconic staples of British furniture, proving their popularity time and time again as kingpins of interior design. Oozing sophistication, class and poise it’s no surprise these have remained popular for as long as they have. But, what makes a Chesterfield sofa? And what are the markers of a high quality piece? Read on to find out.

Frames Built to Last

Quality starts in the very foundations of a Chesterfield. The manufacture of an authentic, traditional chesterfield begins with a hand crafted hardwood frame, carefully constructed to ensure longevity; a piece truly built to last.

The luxury of the frame then continues into the second phase of manufacture, the French Polish. This is the process which gives Chesterfields their opulent, glossy appearance across any exposed wood. French Polishing also boosts the longevity and strength of any exposed wood, boosting the already resilient wood with an extra coating for protection.

Sink into Springs and Padding

Springs and padding are two of the components which really dictate the longevity of your sofas comfort. A bespoke, quality Chesterfield will start to take shape during this process, bringing to life the style of the build, whether contemporary or classic. The craftsmen will apply coiled or serpentine springs individually, by hand; creating enduring shape and support within the piece. Once finished bespoke, custom patterned padding will be fitted to the spring base, fitted into place one panel at a time. In quality pieces, a choice of padding will be available on purchase to ensure you’re getting a comfort that suits you.

Luxury Upholstery

This is, perhaps one of the most important elements of a high quality Chesterfield sofa. The upholstery of a sofa is the part of your sofa that will be exposed to everyday life, for the duration of its lifetime. Making a solid choice as a buyer, is heavily reliant on the options available to you by the manufacturers. High quality manufacturers will have an array of leathers and fabrics, each one put through rigorous testing by the textile suppliers, to ensure these will last in your homes.

The upholstering process also must reflect a longwearing quality, done entirely by hand by skilled crafts people.  This starts with pattern making, where the materials are selected and put through a machine which cuts the pattern, to the specified dimensions of the piece. After this, an upholsterer will apply this to the piece, carefully adding the details which will be required to finish the piece, such as fabric piping that frames the silhouette. This painstaking process can take several days to complete, so you really are getting what you pay for with handcrafted pieces.

God is in the Details

This is where you’ll see all elements of your Chesterfield sofa, coming together to create something beautiful. Manufacturers and craftspeople will add the intricate buttoning and metal studding by hand, using traditional methods as classic as the Chesterfield silhouette itself.

Once the build of the piece is completed, any finishes to the fabrics or leathers are applied, giving you a completely bespoke and unique look to your furniture. This hand finishing gives your sofa a uniqueness that can’t be achieved with mass produced furniture, making it a one off, personal piece for your home that will last a lifetime.

If you are looking for a quality, long lasting Chesterfield, our recommendation is always source handcrafted, bespoke pieces. The price tag might be slightly higher than a mass produced furniture manufacturer but the key really is in the details and the craftsmanship itself. A bespoke, quality piece is an investment, something that will last in your home for years to come.

The bottom line is, quality and value come hand in hand. A slightly higher price tag means massively higher quality, a quality that is built to last.