Types of Air Conditioners: Which One to Buy?

Air conditioners have evolved widely over all these years. Modern Air conditioners today look entirely different from what they were just a decade ago. Now, modern air conditioners have advanced features like inverter remote controlling, sleep mode, variable fan speed etc.

Unlike traditional Air conditioners, they’re highly efficient and consume less energy units for cooling purpose. However, with so many types of air conditioners around, you might get confused as to which one to select. Don’t worry! Here are some details that will help you decide.

A lot of 5 star rated split ACs models are available in the market, for example, Lloyd is a popular brand, produces 5-star ratings ACs having many advanced technologies that too at reasonable rates.

Types of air conditioner system

Let’s first see the type of Air conditioner systems in the market:

Window AC

Window AC is the most common type of air conditioner. The condenser, compressor, cooling and evaporator coil, expansion coil all are found in a single box.

  • Cheapest among all
  • Easy to install

Tower AC

Split and Tower AC are very much similar. The only difference is that unlike Split AC, you don’t need to install the indoor unit on the wall. It’s rather placed on the floor.

  • High and efficient cooling
  • Well suited for larger rooms

Cassette AC

Cassette Air Conditioners are quite different from others. They’re mounted on the ceiling, which is why they provide uniform cooling all over the room. They’ll save a lot of space and are little expensive.

Cube AC

It is a combination of split and window AC. Features are:

  • Fast cooling
  • Better performance

Split AC

Of all the types, Split AC is the most preferred choice. As the name suggest, the split AC is divided in to two units: Internal unit and External unit.

The indoor unit has no moving parts, as a result it doesn’t make any noise while operating. The noisy part compressor is kept outside. It can be easily mounted on the wall. Also, it blends very well with the room decor.

Comparing split and Window

Both Split and window ACs are equally efficient. However, if we talk about Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), then Split ACs shows higher rating as compare to Window AC. EER shows the ratio of cooling capacity (watts per hours).  The higher the value, the more efficient the system is and more star ratings are provided.

Apart from star ratings, consider following factors for purchasing:

  • Room size
  • Number of people and heat emitting electrical appliances in the room
  • Number of windows

You can easily buy air conditioner from online stores like Flipkart, Amazon etc. A little online research can help you finding the best AC. You can take help of product comparison websites like “CompareRaja.in”. The   website helps you filtering and having a product comparison chart in terms of prices, specifications etc from various online stores.

Finally, select an air conditioner that suits your budget needs well. So, this summer stay cool and also save some money.