Top 3 Reasons Why Pest Decontamination is Crucial

One of the problems with DIY pest control is that often these efforts fall short of solving the problem. A homeowner who succeeds in catching and trapping mice in their home is often very proud of their achievement. The more conscientious ones may even take a step further, and seal the areas where pests can enter their home. But even these initiatives are not enough. You also need proper decontamination services to make sure that all the germs brought in by the pests are eliminated completely as well.

The main problem with pests like rats and mice is that they can leave a mess even after you’ve trapped them and kept them out of your property for good. This mess isn’t just about aesthetics, though. It’s about the pathogens, bacteria and germs they leave behind that can still cause all sorts of problems long after you’ve eliminated the pests. These things can even entice other pests to come into your home.

  1. Rodent urine and feces. When rodents like mice and rats enter your house, they can make themselves feel truly at home by using your house as their personal toilet. They mark the place by dropping feces all over the area, and these places may be hidden. They may also urinate in various spots.

These waste products can smell bad and your AC can spread the foul odor all over your home to make your life truly unpleasant. But that’s not even the worst part of it. They can also host bacteria that can go airborne and cause disease among your family members.

  1. Rodent fleas. It’s bad enough that you have mice and rats in your home. What makes this infestation worse is that often these pests have piggybacked a ride into your house. These fleas can they stay and make a home for themselves even when you’ve caught the rodents. They can stay hidden in your attic, insulation, or among your blankets and clothes in the closet.

These fleas aren’t just minor annoyances. They can carry germs that cause diseases such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), endemic typhus, and salmonella. HPS is particularly dangerous, as it can sometimes be fatal.

Thus, once the rodents have been eliminated you also need to be sure that the fleas they brought in are all handled properly as well.

  1. Rodent pheromones. Rodents like to leave traces of pheromones everywhere to attract potential mates. These pheromones can last a while and they can still remain even after you’ve gotten rid of the mice. The pheromones can act like intriguing beacons for mice around your area, and they may want to come into your home because of the alluring scent of the pheromones.

With proper decontamination services, professional experts can make sure that even the smallest traces of pheromones are completely eliminated from your home. This measure can make sure that rodents in your area aren’t especially motivated to get inside your home because the pheromones aren’t enticing them in.

These reasons to decontaminate your home emphasize the very real need for professional pest control services. It is not enough that you buy rodent traps or poisons to eliminate the pests in your property. You have more problems to deal with than just the rodents themselves. Professional decontamination services can do this job for you and make sure that your home is completely clear of these nasty leavings. In doing so, you will no longer have to worry about getting sick or deal with new rodents even after the critters are gone.