Tips That Will Get Your Home Ready for Summer

As the seasons change, you need to prepare your home. Spring is the ideal time to get your house ready for summer. Doing things now that will keep your home looking great on the outside, comfortable inside, and ready for some fun will free up your time later on when the hotter temperatures arrive.

Add Curb Appeal

Now is the time to take a serious look at the exterior of your house. Missing shingles need to be replaced while older roofs need completely re-done. This prevents leaks and makes the outside of the house look much better. Cracked or broken windows will also need to be replaced. Paint trim, doors, and shutters for a fresh and clean appearance. Finish off by repairing porch rails and other broken items.

Cool Things Off

Back inside of the house you need to transition over from winter to summer. Replace bedding with lighter weight blankets. Pack up heated blankets, heavy throws, and space heaters until fall. Clean your fans, and place them throughout the house to keep air circulating. Call to make an appointment with one of the HVAC services in Fort Myers, FL to have a professional clean your air conditioning unit and make any necessary repairs to the system.

Include Some Fun

Bring the grill, lawn furniture, and other summer items out of storage. Clean everything up with either a pressure washer or garden hose. Don’t forget to include lawn games such as corn toss and ladder ball for fun while entertaining. Remember that basketball hoops, pools, and trampolines will keep kids busy all throughout the season. Think about what you, your friends, and family enjoy most.

Once you have cleaned up the yard and exterior of the house, prepared yourself for higher temperatures indoors, and stocked up on summer fun items, you will be able to relax and enjoy the coming season. The little bit if effort required now will certainly save you time and money later on.