Tips on How to Keep Your Nursery Windows Safe

When decorating your windows at home, you have room to be creative – until you have a toddler to keep in mind. When a child is in the picture, everything is suddenly all about their safety and well-being. Everything becomes too complicated – because now you want things to be beautiful, practice and childproof at the same time.

Here are the things you should keep in mind when decorating your child’s nursery windows:

Avoid floor-length draperies

Avoid anything that can easily be reached by your toddler. Floor-length draperies can cause accidents and can only be a cause for anxiety because of your child’s tendency to pull at them. Keep your window treatments simple, pretty, and most important of all, out of your child’s reach.

Decorate roller shades

If you are going for roller shades but want a more colorful look to match your toddler’s room design, why not go the DIY route and simply attach a fabric to soften the look? This protects your child from excess sunlight while still making sure they are safe even from the inside.

A fabric valance can be a good idea

If you feel like going for window blinds but are hesitating because you want a softer look, go for it and add a fabric valance. This simple “mini curtain” will make the appearance of the blinds more feminine without risking the safety of your child since it’s too far up to reach. You can even try a DIY for a more personalized feel.

Make sure that your curtains cover your windows

If you want to use curtains for your child’s nursery windows, make sure that you are using wide-paneled drapes and that the rod’s edges are far from the window’s edge, but the curtains should still be able to cover a considerable amount of glass while being pulled back. The rod should also fit the width, so that it doesn’t collapse and fall on the floor (and possibly your child) when pulled back a little too far.

Make sure that any window treatment is properly installed

Any window treatment should be properly and safely installed to keep your child from things accidentally falling off. Curtain rods and any other hardware should be secured with proper anchors.

Insert fun patterns

Choose colorful and patterned fabric that will match your toddler’s personality and use it to dress up your window. You can also use the same patterned fabric elsewhere in the room so that there is continuity in the theme. Use it on pillows and bedding for a perfect match.

Choose your window treatments first

Whatever you are using to decorate your windows, always work on this first before anything else in the room. The fabrics should always be the foundation of the theme so that it’s easier, and base the colors of textiles and paint on the established color scheme.

Avoid curtains with beaded decorations

Any small object can be a choking hazard for your child, even if it’s attached to the curtain. Never presume it’s safe. Beads and other small embellishments can become loose and fall out of the curtain and into your child’s hands. Avoid these things at all costs.

Keep your child’s room cool

Use light window treatments that protect your child from overheating but can still let some air in; to keep them cool all day and night. According to a study, overheating is actually a risk factor for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Don’t risk it and instead, invest in quality zebra sheer shades or other designs that are guaranteed to keep your child safe.