The 3 Dangerous Spiders Which Every Homeowner Need To Be Aware Of!

One common problem which is heard in common from most of the homeowners is spider invasion. However, there are the web-building spiders and running spiders. As some of them are harmful, you seem concerned, especially with kids and pets. So you wish to keep spiders away from your home.

Let’s discuss about some of the different types of spiders and what attracts them into your house.

# Types of Spiders

  • Cobweb Spiders: The first set of legs of these Cobweb spiders is generally thin and long. Besides, the second and third sets of legs are quite short. Their abdomens are globular shaped unlike the other type of spiders. Another surprising fact about this type of spiders is they have 8 eyes. They generally have either yellow dots or red dots or orange stripes or white stripes on their body. You will find this type of spiders on the ceilings or behind the cupboards, etc.
  • Wandering Spiders: Wandering spiders are the most dangerous spiders in the world. Their bite can be very dangerous to the human beings. Besides, they are also very aggressive in nature. They are generally hairy and brown in color. Even these spiders have very long legs like the Cobweb spiders. Another interesting fact about this type of spiders is they don’t make webs.
  • Jumping Spiders: Jumping spiders are also harmful to humans. Some of the symptoms of their bites include headache, muscle pain, skin allergy & difficulty in breathing, over-sweating and fever. These spiders have very large eyes.

Some preventative measures to keep spiders away

Spiders are just like the normal creatures and even they need shelter and food. Food is the most important thing, which attracts spiders into your home. Hence, in order to keep them at bay you have to cut down their food supply. The first and foremost thing which you have to do is not leave foodstuff open. In fact, you have to make sure that each and every food item is properly packed or covered to prevent spider influx in your home. However, if you already have spiders in your home then the right thing to do is hire a pest control expert.

Spiders are commonly visible in warm months, especially in sub-tropical and temperate regions but in tropics they are present all around the year. Therefore keep garden beds away from home edge to reduce spider population. Even if garden beds are adjoining your home keep vegetation trimmed from path and home edges. Shoes and clothes also need to be kept off the floor, so as to reduce hiding places for spiders.

Professional treatment

Pest control experts identify the spider species in your home and use some effective methods to eradicate them completely. Remember, each and every spider species will have different characteristics. Some type of spiders can be eradicated easily while some requires powerful methods to destroy them. As you may not have proper knowledge about all these things it is better to hire pest control professionals. Pointe Pest Control has a best team and uses advanced techniques to destroy dangerous spiders totally from your home.