Summer House 101: How To Style It And Keep It Looking Good

Summer houses are our safe haven, a place that we keep going back to when we want to leave behind the chaos of life and rejuvenate ourselves. As we mostly treat it as a place of relaxation and leisure, we need to ensure that we keep it in a topnotch condition always!

To add that extra touch of beauty to your summer house, we have mentioned some amazing decorating tips below.

●      Mix and match the furniture

Use a mix of painted and ordinary wicker garden furniture to give your summerhouse a relaxed look and feel. Find “junk” or vintage items like a folding tray table or maybe a vintage table to achieve an elegant look when repainted in subtle, pastel shades.

●      Play around with light and dark contrasts

Place a daybed in your summerhouse and on days with a clear blue sky, it can be brought outside. If you want a modern-country look, go for eastern-influenced furniture in a dark finish which will be in absolute contrast to the classic white-painted timber cladding.

●      Opt for plantation style

A plantation style chair with dark curvy wood frame built with cane seating amplifies the summery scheme. Keep the theme airy and light with sheer curtains and furnishings in neutral hues and soft pastel colours.

●      A beckoning window

The exterior of your summerhouse should be decorated in an enticing shade of blue. For a cottage-themed finish, go for a retro floral blind and window box of miniature red roses to keep the air fresh.

●      Assorted upholstery

An ideal space where you can experiment with inventive design idea is none other than a garden summerhouse. Personalise a chair with a cover made from washed denim and printed sackcloth, and then decorate it with cushions in inky designs.

●      Throw a summer party

Make the most of a garden summerhouse by converting it into a party venue on special occasions. Dress it up, cover the outdoor table with interesting stripe designs and make seating arrangements within so that you can rush in if the weather turns.

Tips To Keep Your Summerhouse in Good Condition

We all know that a summerhouse is a valuable addition to a home and a garden. It is a safe haven for you and your family to relax and enjoy the summer. It offers the shelter that allows you to bask in the pleasant climate.

Routine Cleaning and Checking

The weather becomes really difficult to deal with if your summer house is built using wood. The bright sun rays have the potential to bleach and crack protective varnishes and paintwork. If it rains, the dampness can get under eaves and into unprotected surfaces of the wood while the blowing winds can lift off the roofing material, making wood panels and slats loose in the process.

The only way to keep all these issues at bay is to conduct routine inspection and cleaning. During this inspection, you can easily find the flaws and fix them before it gets any worse.

This process sounds a bit daunting, but it isn’t. Assuming that you don’t use your summerhouse a great deal during winter, you can go through this process once in the spring to ready it for upcoming use and then give it a once over in the autumn.

Be Vigilant with Cleaning

Make sure that you go through every nook and corner of your summer house dusting and vacuuming it along the way. Air it out and wipe down the surfaces with a damp cloth. Use a mild detergent solution to get rid of greasy marks, bird muck or plant sap from any of the surfaces.

After using detergent, make sure you wipe it down with a damp cloth afterwards. Also, keep all your cleaning supplies in a plastic pallet box away from the reach of children.

In your quest of scouring the floors and surface of your summerhouse, you will come across areas where the paint, varnish or wood stain that protects the wood has cracked, peeled away or worn out. Make a note of these areas and attend to these properly to upkeep the maintenance process thoroughly.

Now that you know of these tips, adopt these styles and maintenance pointers and have a good time with friends and family.