Primary Elements of Restaurant Interior Design

A restaurant is quite a complicated architectural entity due to the many parties that are involved in the design process. Interior designers, architects, kitchen consultants, engineers, health department agents, building officials, and lighting designers work together to ensure that the restaurant entity is impressive and appealing.

High-quality restaurants are more than just the great food that they offer; they also boast of exceptional interior design. Restaurant interior design and décor play a critical role in customer experience and satisfaction.

To achieve an impressive and outstanding restaurant interior design, make sure that you consider the following crucial elements.


Lighting is perhaps the most crucial aspect of restaurant interior design. It doesn’t make any sense for you to have everything perfect if the basic element of light isn’t right. The three basic types of lighting are ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting usually defines the overall look and feel of the restaurant. Is your restaurant heavy on the lights or is it dimly lit? Most restaurants use dim ambient lighting to create that relaxing atmosphere and aura.

Task lighting is specifically used to perform specific tasks. It allows the customers to read the menus and the server to serve food. Task lightings should be used in strategic points so that it doesn’t kill the objective of ambient lighting.

Accent lighting is mostly used for decorative purposes. Wall lighting is an excellent example of accent lights.


Colours usually reflect on the overall theme of the restaurant. Technically, your restaurant’s interior should be painted in your brand’s official hues. One thing that you need to keep in mind while choosing the colours to use is that colour perception is always connected to emotions.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your restaurant showcases unique colours that invoke a feeling of joy and relaxation among your customer.

Work with experienced restaurant interior design professionals from Dawnvale Group who will guide you on appropriate colours to use depending on your preferred style and theme. Red and yellow colours are quite prominent in fast food restaurants since they stimulate the appetite.

Ceiling Design

People will always look above when they enter new places for the first time. But why is it so? Psychologists say that this is a subconscious order from the central nervous system. From the beginning of human life, people usually looked up whenever they enter an unknown space for safety reasons.

It seems like things haven’t changed. People still look up whenever they walk into a new place. Therefore, you need to ensure that your restaurant has a unique ceiling that would catch the eyes of your customers and make them feel comfortable.


Believe it or not, scent marketing is quite effective. If you want to believe it, think about what happens when you pass by Starbucks or Cinnabon. The strong and enticing smell of their products overpowers your minds and makes you walk into their stores.

This may sound vague, but the truth is that scent can increase your food sales by up to 200%. Therefore, you need to make sure that you include scent in your interior design strategy. Letting some smells float from the kitchen to the dining area can induce appetite and make customers order more food.