One of the nicest villas in Italy

Villa Doria Pamphilj is one of the most important and beautiful villas in Rome. It’s in Gianicolo roman district and its name comes from noble family owned for a long time. Italian State expropriated it in the 20th century and now it is a official seat represents the national government. Its garden is amazing and really big ( 184 hectares ) and you can find a great art gallery inside the villa. At the beginning it was the Doria Pamphilj’s country estate ; this family hired Mr. Aldini to create the garden and many great painters and sculptors to decorate this mansion.

Originally this luxury residence consisted of three parts : the house, the garden and a part dedicated to agriculture and a pine forest. Unfortunately at the beginning of 20th century the municipal council of Rome expropriated it and in 1972 it became the owner of this wonderful villa. So now roman and foreign people can visit it because a funeral home only remains the property of the ancient family. There are many luxury villas in Italy suffered the same fate. For example many of them have been sold by noble owners got into financial difficulty.

A very small number of them still owned of ancient families. In any case a lot of foreign people always look for these villas to buy them. Important corporates or investors usually want to create representative offices in Italy and sometimes like creating luxury hotels in this country. For this reason luxury real estate agencies are contacted by these companies to find historical villas, large apartments and castles.

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