More than just the door!

Many would consider a door as the entrance to their safe and secure location, and if this was to become unsafe there would be serious concerns. Well, for the most part, your location should be super secure and have 100% safety, however, there are many locations that do not follow this. From DIY jobs to previous bad service, the nation’s homes are not as safe as once thought.

In this article we will be exploring why a locksmith does more than simply change the door lock, highlighting key reasons why you should use one and why it’s important to use a local one.

Let’s begin by looking at house safety…

House Safety

Studies show that in most cases a break in does not happen by getting through the front door, this is usually the most secure entry into the house. In fact, other possible entry’s such as the back door or windows are often the go-to way for a burglary to break in.  Think about when was the last time you checked your locks?

Checking to ensure maximum safety is important and every lock on your house needs to be looked at for its own merit, not just the front door. With more and more household forgetting this vital piece of information it’s no wonder why break-ins are at an all time high.

Using a locksmith can be as easy a phone call, a local locksmith Brentwood would be the best possible option. But did you know that most locksmiths provide a security assessment which will not only tell you what needs to be improved but can work out to be a massive life saver when it comes to break-ins’. Another thing to consider when looking at locks is that your insurance company may not cover you for your substandard locks. That’s why it’s more important than ever that you contact a locksmith Brentwood to get your free quote to move forward.

Using a local locksmith Brentwood

Locksmiths are up and down the country but choosing the right one isn’t as hard as you may think, finding a company that is local to you in Brentwood would be the best choice. The majority of the time you will be able to get a better deal with a local company, rather than a nationwide company which charges a higher amount.

Not only should you use a local company but you shouldn’t try to change your locks yourself, although on most occasions this is fine, you can serious open yourself up to break-ins when done incorrectly. Why risk a break-in a serious financial loss for the sake of a phone call!

Give your local locksmith Brentwood a call today, to get your locks changed and receive an FREE security assessment regarding your property.