Looking to Replace Or Buy A New Gate?

Are you considering replacing your old garden gate, or a gate for a field? There are so many different styles and types to choose from you may be hard pressed to choose!

Origin and meanings of ‘gate’

Have you ever thought about the origins of the word gate? They are such common objects we take them for granted and don’t think too much about them or how the word ‘gate’ originated.

The word gate has its origins in the ancient Proto-Germanic language. The original word was gatan. meaning opening or entrance. It found its way into the English language via the Old English word, geat. the word that meant gate, door, opening, passage, or hinged framework barrier,’ according to the online etymology dictionary.

Gate money, often now simply referred to as ‘the gate,’ is money collected at a turnstile or gate for an event, such as a football match.

In modern English ‘gate’ has acquired various other meanings. There are gate-crashers, uninvited guests at a party, the verb and noun ‘tail gate’ with the verb meaning that a vehicle is following the one in front much too closely. A tailgate was originally the back part of a truck which swings open.

Remember Watergate? In this case ‘gate’ indicates a scandal.

There are quite a few more uses of ‘gate’ too. However, here, a gate is a hinged garden gate.

Timber gates can certainly enhance your garden. You can order any size gates from reputable supplier and you should also be able to get all the necessary gate hardware for your gates in from that supplier too. You may also need hinges, springs or handles too.

Perhaps you have a somewhat dilapidated old gate that no longer functions as it once did. Perhaps the wood rotted at the bottom, or maybe a part of the gate fell off. Instead of doing a cheap repair job, it would be worth your while investing in a new, sturdy gate. Such a gate can withstand the extreme of the British weather.

A gate protects your property, keeping out undesirables such as thieves or vandals. Timber gates are strong and durable as long as they have been varnished and stained to protect the wood from the elements. Also, if someone tried to break down a timber gate, it would attract attention. A strong gate helps you and your family feel safe, and the warmth of wood has calming effect on those who look at it.

When you purchase a new garden gate, perhaps you should also take a look at matching trellises, or fencing. Spruce up your garden and you will enjoy it even more.

Before you replace an old gate and install a new timber one, make sure that your existing gate posts are up to the job of supporting a new one. If they have rotted then purchase new posts with your gate.

The basic instrument you will need to successfully hang a timber gate is a spirit level. It is important for it to be accurate, so that you don’t face problems with hanging your gate.

Ask your builders ’merchant in North Wales what the best method is for hanging your gate and follow instructions to the letter. Make sure that you purchase all the items you need; for example, gate posts, hinges, bolts and so on.

Remember that some gates have fronts and backs. Be sure you hang it the right way. You should fix the hinges to the gate as the first step in the hanging process. Next hold the gate in place between the posts, but lift it off the ground to make sure there is enough clearance space. Put some wood under it to wedge it in place. When the gate is level with the post, screw the hinges into it. Lastly attach the latch.

If this sounds a little complicated, ask the staff at your supplier for the name of a good gate hanger. In fact, if you need any help and advice, make sure to ask!

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