Looking forward to shifting to a new place? UrbanClap might help you

I moved to Bangalore a couple of months back. Since I was relatively new to the place, I had a hard time finding a decent flat to live in. After extensive searching, I found a decent enough place. But after a few weeks of living there, I had to shift to a new place in Koramangalam due to various unforeseen circumstances. I needed the help of packers and movers to shift my stuff to my new place. So, I started searching for good packers and movers in Bangalore. But after days of searching, I found no decent professional who could help me. I was on a very tight budget and time was of the essence.

UrbanClap – My light in the Tunnel Darkness

I was sitting in my office working when I heard two of my colleagues talking about UrbanClap and how it helped them shift to a new place. I got excited and further enquired about it. Back home, I quickly took out my smartphone and started downloading the app for the same. It took me a few seconds to download it. The app is very sleek and smooth in design, with user interaction given the utmost priority. There are no complicated features in the app, and users can easily get familiar with its working. I tried searching for the best packers and movers in Bangalore, but I was asked to fill in some personal details so that I could be counted as an actively registered seeker. Registering too was very smooth, and I was quickly logged in.

I searched for packers and movers in Bangalore, and the app took me through a step by step process of asking me specific details of my services which included budget, type of vehicle required, amount of stuff to be moved and locality in BTM. After a few moments, I was presented with a huge list of professionals near me who had their own reviews and ratings. At first, I was a bit confused among all the professionals listed there but then I started shortlisting the professionals on the basis of the ratings they got from their previous clients. After a lot of mind hunting shortlisting, I had a more filtered list of professionals. Again I shortlisted them on the basis of the reviews they had. I precisely read each and every review they got from their previous clients. I was kind of happy to have the best on the list.

How I got the best professionals in my time of need?

Since the list was still long, I used the app’s in-filtering system to shortlist a bunch of professionals who had decent to excellent review and ratings, and who seemed near me. I decided to go with Surya Packers and Movers who were based in the BTM area. I called them up and explained them my situation and the dire need of help.

The person on the other side was very polite, humble and professional. He assured me everything would okay. He then asked me micro details of my requirements. I anxiously waited for them, and they remained true to their word. They came for deciding over the goods and everything. He estimated the cost and to my utter surprise, the cost was exactly in my budget.  The Packers and movers arrived in time, and without wasting any time started repackaging my stuff. Every one of them was highly skillful and professional. As promised by them, I was not asked to lend my hand from packing to unpacking. They cooperated with me the entire time and made sure that all my items were packaged safely.

Why should you rely upon UrbanClap?

UrbanClap is the best app which can provide you with the most reliable blue-collar professionals in your area. Every professional has an individual rating and review system, which allow users to make an informed decision based on their specific requirements. The app itself is a delight to use and one can easily get in sync with the overall aesthetics of the user interface.  I would like to thank Surya Packers and Movers which helped me during my shifting phase, and would highly recommend them to everyone who needs a good packers and movers in Bangalore.

I would also give them a 5-star rating for a job well done. Lastly, I would like to thank the entire UrbanClap team for providing such an amazing online platform for users searching local, skillful professionals for their blue-collar service needs. Go ahead and use UrbanClap, and you will not be disappointed in anyway whatsoever.