Know How You Can Identify Black Widow Spiders and Control Them in An Effective Way

Black widow spiders are believed to be most venomous spiders. However, their bite is not fatal to humans in most of the cases. Their Latin Name is Latrodectusspp. They are well known for their tendency to eat their mates. So here, let us learn more about it and steps for controlling it in the following section.

Appearance of black widow

Well, male as well as female black widows vary in their appearance. In almost all cases, female black widows are generally more distinctive having lustrous black bodies and red marking on underside of round abdomen. They are around 1.5 inches long. The males are almost half the size as females. Moreover, male black widow spiders are lighter in color. They have pink or red spots on back.

What attracts black widow spiders?

If you want to prevent pests, keeping your yards well maintained and in good condition is crucial. Piles of firewood, tall grass, and debris make great places to hide, find food, as well as build webs for the black spider webs.

Houses having insect issue have a great potential to develop black widow issue. These spiders usually eat flies, ants, as well as other pests. So, if you have crack in window or door, then you are inviting them to invade your home!

Black widow spiders are believed to be beneficial as they eat many insects. However, the female ones can attack the humans when they get provoked by them. These spiders deliver most toxic bite. Their venom consists of neurotoxins affecting nervous system.

Signs of black widow

Black widows usually generate irregular and messy webs. Webs are located near the ground level under protected ledge like wood piles and lawn furniture. The female having red hourglass marking even indicates their presence.

They normally favor secluded and dark areas like woodpiles and crevices. They hide in dimly lit and sheltered places like dark corners, garages, closets, cluttered areas, and basements. They thrive mainly in the temperate zones. Some of their major characteristics are as follows:

  • Shy – Black widows are usually very shy in nature. They socialize only while copulation and are solitary.
  • Comb foot – This is one of their major characteristic. This curved and strong bristles are located on their hind legs. It is used to pitch the silk over the captured prey.
  • Nocturnal – They are nocturnal and spin the webs during their daytime.
  • Hang upside down – In their web, you will see them hanging upside down. In such position, they expose their hourglass abdominal marking.

Black widows contribute to ecosystem balance by eating insects like mosquitoes and flies. They even control the crop pest populations by feeding on the pests defoliating plants that can include grasshoppers, locusts, caterpillars, and beetles.

If your home or office is infested by black widow spiders, you really need to contact a reliable and professional pest control professional service. They have the right equipment and experience that can help you get rid of them quickly and effectively.