Keep The Unwanted Out With TRUGUARD


If you are building a new house or constructing a prison or maybe your new school is being built, one of the worries that you would have is house to keep it secure? How to ensure that nobody, who is not welcomed, can come in (in case of a house or a school) or nobody without permission can go out (in case of a prison). To make you sleep peacefully at night, TRUGUARD came up with rotating, an anti-climb security system which is extremely easy to install and due to its anti-climb technology, it keeps the premises secure. Moreover, it can be fitted in the walls, fences or gates so that they are secure.

What TRUGUARD Provides?

1.    Flush Fit Connector

To make the installation quick and easy, TRUGUARD engineered steel core in the flush fir connector so that you can be assured of the interlock and equal contact at each and every joint.

2.    TRUGUARD Spur

The Spurs, in the rotating anti-climb security system, are being manufactured with the high ductile alloy tube and are assembled as interlocking pairs.

3.    Central Shaft

In order to support the TRUGUARD spurs that can be found in 14 sets of interlocking pairs, meaning 28 spurs, the central shaft is around 2 meters long and is designed for the resistance to corrosion. This makes it very sturdy for supporting the 28 spurs.

4.    Unstable Barriers

In case of an escape or an intrusion, the spurs that are interlocked would start rotating independently from each other around the central shaft. This is why the unstable barriers are liked by the clients because it ensures that anyone who is unauthorized could neither enter nor escape the premises without the permission of the owners.

5.    Support

The security system gives support by providing with clearance holes that are pre-drilled that can be used to fix expandable M8 through bolts.

This rotating anti-climb security system can be used by anyone, whether for commercial, industrial, prison, schools, transport or utility use if you think you have the danger of theft, vandalism or trespass in the vicinity of your property.

So far the clients of the company have shown that they are satisfied with the services and product provided by TRUGUARD as it lets them sleep peacefully at nights, knowing that they won’t have to face any theft or unwanted intrusion.