Interior Designs You Need To Consider In 2017

When it comes to interior design, trends come and go quickly. As the year winds to an end, designers are forecasting the next big thing. This leaves homeowners to regularly consider a complete interior overhaul to stay in vogue.

If you’re moving into a new home, renovating or simply redecorating, knowing how to be inspired by this year’s trends and avoid creating an interior that will date is essential.

Interior design trends you need to consider

  1. Texture

Shiny, polished surfaces of the 90’s are long gone as designers embrace texture in their interiors. From flooring and wallpaper to light fittings and fabric, texture plays an important role in making a space inviting.

  1. Natural materials

Cork, terracotta, leather and natural timbers offer the feeling of understated luxury in an interior. They’ll also hardwearing and age gracefully, two particularly important features for a family home.

  1. Deep colour tones

2017 moves away from soft colour tones of pastels and roses to deep colours. Think your forest greens, moody blues, saffron and cinnamon tones.

  1. Greenery

Indoor plants are in and in a big way. While you might still be on trend with a single fiddle leaf in your living room, 2017 sees plants take over interiors.

  1. Wallpaper

Feature walls have made a comeback, but not as you remember them. Bold geometric designs, abstract motifs and tropical printed wallpaper are transforming interiors in 2017, one wall at a time.

How to Avoid Creating an Interior That Will Date

Decorating an entire home is a costly and time consuming exercise. Having put so much sweat (and possibly tears) into your renovation, you don’t want to read that all the finishes are suddenly out of vogue. If you’re flipping through magazines and Pinterest you’re likely to be inspired by current design trends, but how do you know which ones will last?

Here are our quick tips on how to design an interior that won’t be dated by the next season:

  1. Seek professional help

Finished your concept for your interior? Before you go shopping, seek the help from a professional. Allow an interior designer or decorator to have a look at your ideas before you invest in expensive finishes and furnishings. They can offer you some advice about the direction you’re heading in and give you’re the confidence to complete your design.

  1. Focus on the detail

If you’re building a new home or renovating, focusing on the detail will help ensure you create a quality interior that is built to last. Not only will you need all the details marked up on your plans, you’ll also need a builder to be able to craft it. Researching highly regarded contractors in your area is crucial. If you live in Melbourne for example, rather than just rely on your neighbour’s advice do an in-depth search of qualified and experienced Melbourne home builders. Quiz them on their experience and ability to carry out the works you require before you sign a contract.

  1. Scope out other homes

If this is your first time renovating or building a home it’s hard to know what really works. You may see plenty of interior design styles in magazines, but how do you know what layout or style is right for you without living in them? The next best thing is scoping out other homes. Display homes are a great place to see what’s current in interior design. Again, if you’re in Melbourne visit builders around your area as well as regional. Try searching Geelong land for sale or Melbourne display homes. Your weekend will soon be full checking out new houses and stealing ideas!

  1. Go with what you love

Just like fashion, interior trends come and go. If you decorate simply based on trends, you’re going to be wanting to overhaul your home pretty soon. Instead, be inspired and go with what you love. If you’ve always loved pastels than embrace that colour palette. Love copper but know it’s out? Own it and work it into your interior. Remember, the best interiors are those that reflect the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle.