Improve Your ROI While Improving Your Home

If you are a home-owner you probably have a list of improvements that would make your home a better place to live.  If so, you should keep in mind that while certain improvements may cost a lot and look nice they may not increase the actual value of your property.  At the same time, certain other improvements that seem practically invisible will substantially increase your property’s worth.  Some home improvements – such as having a room remodeled to serve as the space for the care and maintenance of babies and infants – may be a deciding factor in the sale of a home to a young family.  The baby care market has exploded over the years leading to a whopping $66 billion in sales of goods in recent years.   A room equipped with products obtained using a Groupon for Babies-R-Us can be a selling point when marketing a home to prospective customers.


For example, many people will invest substantially in improvements to outdoor recreation items, from patios to major landscaping projects.  These investments may be of value to long-term residents, yet they may have little impact upon the real value of the property.  A future resident may have totally different uses in mind for the space.  Indeed, some items may actually lower the desirability of the property – a prospective owner may not want to have an outdoor bar, garden or gym set.  So when planning home improvements one should do so with one eye upon what is practical and what has the best long-term impact upon the value of your property.

On the other hand, the expense of installing a new and efficient heating and air conditioning system will more than pay for itself.  Not only will you reduce your fuel and electric bills, but it will increase the marketability of your property; after all, most prospective buyers will not be enthusiastic about the idea of having to install new HVAC system within a few years of the purchase.  Less costly improvements can have a similar effect; a room dedicated to raising children and infants, and equipped with items from Babies-R-Us that can be bought with Groupon promo codes at major discounts, can help increase the resale value of a home and is sure to be snapped up by growing families.   In such a case using a Groupon for purchases from Babies-R-Us would be a smart move.