How Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Your Health

Sleeping is a very important part of anyone’s life. In fact, we, as humans, spend nearly 1/3 of our lives sleeping.  During a poll in the year 2011, according to National Sleep Foundation, 92% of people said that having a comfortable mattress for sleeping is important in order to have a better sleep. This is why choosing the best mattress is vital. Here are 5 surprising ways on how sleep can affect not only your sleep but also your overall health.

  1. A New Mattress Zaps Your Stress

In a study on the year 2009, there were 59 healthy women and men who slept for 28 consecutive nights on their current mattresses, and then they slept for another 28 nights on new ones having a scale of medium to firm mattresses. They were requested to evaluate or describe their stress level, basing on the factors of racing thoughts, worrying, irritability, nervousness, trembling, headaches and more.

The new mattresses had a result of “a material decrease in stress level” based on the said study. The reason for the decrease in stress level is possible because of the increase in their sleeping quality and the decrease in the pain they felt considering the mattresses is old and not as comfortable. Best Mattress offers the best and effective mattress which is good for your body and health.

  1. Mattress Triggers Allergies

Mattresses can be the home of dust mites. These creatures feed on your dead skin cells. They are found on and in your bed. According to WebMD, there are 20 million American citizens who are allergic to these dust mites, and they are very problematic for those who have asthma. You need to wash frequently your pillowcases and sheets to get rid of dust mites in your linens. An “allergy-proof” slipcover also can prevent these creatures from traveling from your mattress to your pillows and sheets.

  1. Subjective Label: Medium-Firm

There is no exact definition of a mattress being soft and being firm. According to the Sleep to Live Institute’s director, Robert Oexman, a person who weighs 250 pounds may describe his mattress as soft while the other person who weighs 125 pounds may describe the mattress as firm. It is appealing to hear words like “ultra-plush”, but you will only know what is really plush if you spend more time testing out mattresses.

There’s not enough evidence to prove that a mattress that is soft or firm is better for your sleep quality. It’s all just about feeling the comfort. You should make sure that you spend at least 15-20 minutes on a mattress before buying it.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the effects of a mattress to your health and your body. Choosing the best mattress is really important. However, you should also consider its effects on your health and body upon using it. After all, it’s better to choose a high-quality mattress than to buy an affordable one then spend many sleep deprived nights.