How to spot a main sewer line clog and unblock it

A sewer line clog can go unnoticed most of the time but it can cause huge damage inside a house. An average homeowner is probably aware that sewer line assist in transporting water from home to underground sewer mains. Apart from this, majority of the homeowners put in very little thought to the sewer lines until they suddenly suffer from a clogged drain and water overflowing everywhere. If there is a clog in the sewer line, this could lead to raw sewage water coming out of drains and this could cause a considerable damage to your home and also to the costly sewer line. It is then that you either need to repair it or replace it.

Homeowners usually tend to understand such issues beforehand and respond to this before it soars out of control. This is why they should be aware of the warning signs to stave off plumbing and sewage issues like blocked drains. Here are few things you need to know.

Sign #1: It takes too much time to drain

It normally takes a few seconds to drain off water, whether from the main sewage or the surface of the shower or sink. When it comes to toilets and bathtubs, the water creates a whirlpoolish motion to indicate that there is continuous flow of water. If you see that it is taking longer time than expected, it is a sign that there is blockage and there is accumulated debris in the pipeline. It is then that you need to take an immediate step.

Sign #2: The drain starts overflowing

This is perhaps one of the easiest sign to tell whether or not there is a blockage. Does your toilet overflow upon flushing hard? This happens because water fails to pass properly through the pipes and hence it backflows thereby causing the water to rise above. There are some situations when the pressure of the water is enough to eliminate such a blockage but if this is not the case with you, professional servicing is recommended.

Sign #3: It starts releasing a bad odor

Remember that it is always a blockage if you find the area, whether your sink, bathtub, shower or toilet releasing a bad odor. If there is anything that gets stuck inside the pipelines, it can catch debris, like strands of hair, food or anything solid. If such things stay untreated, they will begin to decompose and spread a bad smell through the openings of the pipe.

Sign #4: It makes strange gurgling noise

Whenever you drain water, do you ever hear any gurgling sound from the sink or when you take a shower? If yes, this is also a sign that your pipes need to be checked. This sound is created when there are disruptions in the flow of water, particularly when the pressure is high.

So, if you experience any of these above mentioned signs, get in touch with a reputed plumber and get things done as soon as possible before things turn for worse.