How to Shop for Right Swimming Pool? Be A Smart Pool Purchaser

Where to start seems confusing, when you decide to invest in a swimming pool. Hearing about issues of installing the wrong pool makes you wary. Reading about user’s anger and dissatisfaction indicates that you will need to be familiar with the kind of questions to ask.

Ask yourself –

  • Why do I desire a pool?
  • What is the purpose? [Is it for physical therapy, personal/family recreation, exercise, entertaining guests, or for aesthetics]
  • Who will maintain it?

The answers to these questions are necessary so as to determine the pool kind you want. In this manner, you will avoid the errors of buying the wrong pool.

Myth about large diving pool

First time buyers wish a large pool having depth and diving board. However, with a couple of months use they discover that the diving board is unsafe for their kids and they generally play in the shallow side, where adults spend majority of their time. Just 31% to 35% of the pool gets used. It results in low usage and unnecessary costs. Your insurance premiums also increase with diving boards.

Things to consider, while designing your swimming pool

  • Easy access between home and pool
  • Location determined needs to be checked for sewer lines or telephone wires or electric cables
  • Drainage needs to be planned well to avoid dirt and mud entering the pool, especially in locations that are prone to floods
  • While planning add-ons like spa, slide, waterfall or diving board make sure there is sufficient space on the deck for each
  • Equipment shed needs to be built near the pool
  • Sun keeps water warm and pool under trees means extra maintenance
  • Check the local council for rules related to pool construction

You may need to get building permit, so be prepared for planning property survey. It helps to decide the pool location. On-site consultation is also crucial to discuss about your pool purpose or overall vision related to pool installation.

Choosing the incorrect pool is an issue

Basic types to consider –

Inground pools

It is less expensive because of simple construction technique and materials used. Inground are of three basic kinds – concrete, vinyl liner and fibreglass pools for families.

Above ground – You get plenty of size options but are designed for temporary purpose. It gets leaky soon and need consistent repairs. Above ground pool will not look compatible with your landscape.

A certain level of maintenance is needed for any kind of pool you select but you will need to get familiar with the maintenance challenges, before buying.

  • Concrete pools

It can be built in any shape, construction time is long, very expensive, easily cracks with temperature fluctuations, allows algae to grow in its pores, needs the most maintenance in comparison.

  • Vinyl liner pools

Lining is seamless and gives an aesthetic textured pool. Upfront cost is less than concrete pools, less installation time, gets cut or scratched easily, possibly need total liner replacement every now and then, porous fabric texture is the breeding ground for bacteria and algae, needs high chlorine amount, high maintenance cost.

  • Fiberglass pools

Ready-to-install, seamless fiberglass pool is set in 4 to 5 days. It has smooth and non-porous gel surface. Looks are appealing, less maintenance [saves money and time], and better durability.

Make sure that you –

  • Opt for the right pool installer
  • Understand pool agreement, and warranty policy
  • Concentrate on upfront expense instead of ownership cost
  • Avoid falling for slippery sales talk

First time buyers need to keep many things in mind or purchase pool experience can turn out to be scary.