How to Select and Buy New Windows for Your Home

Once your windows have outlasted their life expectancy, it is time to purchase windows that will be suitable replacements. Nowadays, the choices you have are more diverse. The technology has changed and windows can now make your home more energy efficient. Selecting and buying new ones can be challenging, but first you should consider the features and styles that are best for the home.

Buying new windows is costly, so you want to make sure they’ll withstand the weather in your area. The strength of the products and their resistance to damage are major factors in the decision. Even before you can identify such options, however, you must think about the design and function you need, plus what kind of budget is in place to pay for the replacement project.

Factors in Selecting Windows

One of the major factors in picking windows is the material. The new windows of today come in wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. Remodeling projects often involve wood frames because they are easier to match with the rest of the facade. Clad frames are common; you could attach aluminum or vinyl cladding over the frame to achieve the desired appearance. Requiring less maintenance than wood windows, vinyl clad ones come in more color choices and cost a little less; they also insulate almost as well.

There are many types of glass to choose from as well. Rather than traditional single-pane glass, double-pane windows have become a norm, since they have a sealed air layer that serves as insulation. It reduces the loss of heat so your home is more comfortable, and less demand on the heating system can reduce energy bills. The low-E glass available has an invisible metal coating to boost insulation.

Triple-pane windows are better for cold climates. They cost more than double-pane windows but you can save slightly more on heating bills, so there’s a trade-off. Sound insulation is another thing to consider and, the better the insulation, the less likely you’ll see condensation on the interior.


What is your most preferred style? It can be a personal preference or a particular type of window may look better with your home. There are casement, double-hung, sliding, and bay windows, each with their unique appeal. Casement windows are quite tall and offer great ventilation and unobstructed views. Bay windows actually add space to the room.

Energy Efficiency

Don’t leave out energy efficiency on your list of needs when buying new windows. The R-values will tell you how efficient the materials are. Typically, the values increase depending on how many panes are included and the type of gas filling the windows have. Also, think about the U-factor; this is a measure of solar conductivity, and therefore efficiency.

Knowing the most about these aspects of windows will help you in the selection and purchasing process. Consult with an expert if you are uncertain about anything. Renewal by Andersen Colorado Springs is experienced with installing all types of windows in a region where the climate varies significantly from one season to another, so you should find something that works.