How to Protect Your Hardwood Flooring to Keep It Looking Shiny and New!

When you first purchase hardwood flooring it adds the look of luxury to your home. There’s no denying that hardwood flooring is beautiful and radiant when it’s first laid down. The problem with this type of floor, however, is it can quickly start to look dull and dingy if it isn’t cared for properly.

In order to keep your hardwood looking the same as it did the day you first purchased it, use these helpful prevention methods:

  1. Keep it protected from moisture
    Moisture is the number one arch enemy of any hardwood floor and any contact with water needs to be avoided at all costs. If you happen to spill any water on the floor, for example, you’ll want to get it mopped up immediately so that there is no chance of any moisture reaching down to the floor.

You see, your hardwood floor comes with a protective coating but through regular use and sometimes abuse this coating can wear down. If you are rearranging your furniture and end up scratching the floor in the process, the varathane coating will have been compromised. This means that any moisture in the area can seep right down into the hardwood floor and cause water damage.

In order to best protect your hardwood floor, get it recoated every year with either a thin or thick new coating as needed. This way, you’ll know that your floor is being protected from moisture, which is its number one enemy.

  1. Use the right cleaners
    Since you have put a lot of money into your new flooring you may be thinking that you’ll have to use very expensive cleaning products in order to keep it maintained. This couldn’t be further from the truth and most of the expensive products on the market are only going to damage your floor rather than help keep it clean.

Use hot water to clean your floors and if they are especially dirty you can add a mild cleaning product to the water if necessary. Use a damp mop, never a wet one, to go over the floors to remove dust and other dirt on it. You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for cleaning products for your hardwood floor since it is naturally shiny and glossy and only needs a simple cleaning to bring out the sheen once again.

If you feel you need to get professionals in, using a site like TrustATrader will allow to find qualified people you can rely on.

  1. Look at the bottom of your furniture
    Now is a good time to walk around the room and make sure that all of the furniture bottoms don’t have any sharp edges on them. You may want to invest in some felt padding that can be added to the bottom of the furniture legs for extra protection. You can often find felt padding protectors at a dollar store that could literally save you hundreds of dollars by protecting your new hardwood floor.

The biggest part of maintenance is keeping an eye on your floor and picking up any spills as they occur while repairing any minor damages immediately such as small scratches. With regular preventative maintenance, you can keep your floor looking as good as it did the first day it was installed.