How to make an old house feel brand new

Whether you’re, buying, inheriting, or you’ve been in the same old house for years and just decided it needs a facelift, here’s how to make the old place feel like a new palace.


For the outside of the house, most people like to stick with a single color all round, but it’s really a matter of personal preference. If there’s anywhere that needs re-plastering or weatherproofing, take care of that first, it’ll be a mission to match paint if you have to patch a few months down the road.

If you have pets that like to jump at the walls or rub up and down the length of the house, or if you live in a really dusty area, try to pick a color that doesn’t really show the dirt. If it’s not a concern, go with whatever suits you and your house.

Indoor Space

Make the space work for you. If you don’t like every room being sealed off, knock out some walls. Arches look great and an open floor plan really gives you that extra breathing space.

If you’re not up for this, or it still feels claustrophobic, a skylight works wonders and is actually amazingly simple to have installed, depending on the type.

Choosing the right paint is also important. The right color combinations can make a room feel twice as big, or conversely, twice as small, so choose carefully. Be sure to go with something you’re happy to look at every day.

Let there be light

Skylights are great for sunny days, but you can’t forgo standard lighting. The right bulbs and fixtures really make a room. Of course, the safety aspect has to come in first. Make sure all your plugs, lights and wiring are up to scratch. This is best done by a professional, so find someone in your area. I.e. if you live in Ohio, find a licensed Ohio electrician. You’ll sleep better at night and have up to date papers for your insurance company.

Flawed floors

Even if all we do is walk on it, the floor really is important. It’s not usually necessary to completely redo everything, sometimes a quick clean and polish are all it takes.

If that won’t quite cut it, there’s plenty you can do. Replacing carpet with tiles is often ideal; it looks more modern and is way easier to keep clean. If the old floors are wood, as long as there’s no structural damage, you can put down laminate over the top. One downside to laminate is that it gets water damaged quite easily.


Try to keep it basic – too much furniture makes the place feel stuffy. Stick with what you need in each room, but there’s nothing wrong with a few well-chosen ornaments.

In short, touch up if things are feeling iffy; make sure everything’s is structurally safe and sound, but as long as you feel comfortable in your home, it’s not a huge deal how it looks to everyone else.