How To Eliminate Mosquitoes In Your Home And Yard

Summer’s right around the corner and that means outdoor barbecues, swimming pools, and mosquito bites. Unfortunately, you are often faced with taking all three as a package deal which can ruin some of the fun and excitement of spending more time outside as the days get warmer and longer.

Depending on the region in which you live, mosquitoes are a mainstay of the change in seasons and while you may not be able to eradicate these nuisances entirely, there are steps you can take to keep them at bay while you and your family enjoy the summer.

This is important because these flying bloodsuckers aren’t just causing itchy red welts on your skin, they’re also becoming a health risk as of late due to them carrying certain diseases that can be detrimental to your health and well-being.

So in order to get rid of mosquitoes you need to take a good long look around your property and implement the following steps for eliminating these pests as best you can. Here’s how:

Standing Water

You need to dump out all instances of still water that exist around the house. These are containers that have been filled with water from rain storms or sprinklers which continues to remain sitting there, day in and day out, entirely untouched.

The problem is that mosquitoes are drawn to even the smallest levels of stagnant water as a breeding ground which can be a troubling main source of infestation. If your home is plagued by mosquitoes, this is your very first step.

Start searching around for things like empty flower pots, saucers, bowls, and various other nooks and crannies in and around your home that have collected water over time. When mosquitoes are able to reach these wet areas they use them as a place to reproduce and their eggs can yield fully-grown adults inside of a week.

If you do find any filled containers, dump them out immediately. Spill that water out so the mosquitoes no longer have a safe haven for laying eggs and hatching more of their kind.

The same goes for those items that have water in them on purpose for extended periods of time. This includes things like kiddie pools, buckets, and other toys that remain outdoors. You probably don’t want to discard these things but you also don’t want to turn them into mosquito breeding areas. So be sure to spill them out and keep them free of water when not in use. Proper storage can also help reduce the likelihood of attracting mosquitoes.

But what about those areas of the home that cannot be drained of still water? Things like ponds, rain barrels, bird baths, even trenches and other natural areas where water collects. You can’t really dump those things out to empty them of all liquid that has gathered over time.

The answer is to use a mosquito dunk which you can drop into the water and kill all of the mosquito eggs that have been laid in the water. But not to worry, the poison won’t harm any of the wildlife that lives in the water or relies on it for sustenance and survival. The mosquito dunk is not toxic to those creatures, only the larvae.

Clean and Tidy

You take great care in manicuring the exterior of your home but some items that are hanging around outside may be attracting mosquitoes quite unnecessarily. This is due to water that might have collected in or around these things and you may not even realize you’ve given mosquitoes a place to breed.

Are you keeping some old and unused items around that you may already be considering discarding? Now is the time to do it, particularly if they have accumulated water inside of them.

While you’re at it, check around the house to see if some routine maintenance can help you reduce the possibility of mosquito eggs being laid. Give your gutters a look and see if they’re clean or if water has been pooling up due to an excess of leaves and other material that may be clogging them.

Call the Professionals

Sometimes getting rid of a pest means calling in the pest removal experts. There are a number of services that handle mosquito control Baton Rouge and these companies can send technicians out to lay down insect repellant all around the outside of the home.

They get it all, the grass, the bushes and trees, and all other landscaping so mosquitoes don’t have a place to hide or breed. This is done through a compound of various oils that drive the mosquitoes away but remain perfectly harmless and safe for you, your family, your pets, and other forms of wildlife.