How To Bring More Sunlight Into A Room

As homeowners, we love creating a beautiful sunlit landscape for reading, working, or simply lounging around. But not every home can be filled with the amount of natural like we’re looking for. Sometimes, when you need to brighten up a room, the answer can be easier than you’d think. From installing new French doors to re-arranging your decor to adding a brighter shade of wallpaper to your study, there are plenty of ways to draw out the natural light in a room easily. Even if you’re not looking to spend tons of money on a new window treatment for your bedroom or home office, you can still find easy ways to bring more natural light into a room without breaking a sweat. From decorating tips to mirrored illusions, here are a few of the easiest ways to make any room in your home a sunlit paradise.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are every homeowner’s best secret weapon. Even if you’re installing a small mirror in a space, you can instantly end up adding twice the amount of depth and twice the amount of sunlight into your previously dark bedroom or office. As long as the mirror is placed at the right angle and made of a reasonable thick material, you’ll be able to instantly open up the space and make it less dark and claustrophobic-seeming. You can use multiple mirrors to create an even larger effect. Mix it up with some art or hanging light fixtures. When you’re trying to make a small room seem larger, it helps to use the wall space you have as much as you can. That means hanging smaller framed pictures, mirrors, and even small shelves along with hanging lights and minimal window dressing. After you’re done decorating, you’ll be looking at a room that’s totally transformed.

Install French Doors

If you have the option of making one large-scale improvement to a larger downstairs space, think about installing French doors. If you need more light in the kitchen or want a more open dining area, it’s only natural to want to connect the inside of your home to the gorgeous, sunny outdoors by adding a set of French doors. You’ll be able to keep them open during parties or on warm summer nights, and you’ll be able to increase the amount of airflow and sun exposure you get on a daily basis. Choosing wide French doors with a thinner, light colored wood frame and large glass panels is the perfect way to add light and depth to a larger first-floor space. You’ll basically be adding two giant windows to your downstairs area for the price of only one home improvement project.

Choose Light Window Treatments

If you want the sunlight that you get during the day to be just a little bit more vibrant, you can find ways to make your windows that much less cluttered and more inviting. For instance, for a smaller room that catches the sun as it’s setting, try using light-colored drapes and see-through materials such as gauze to let in as much of the light as you can without risking blinding yourself. You can still get the benefit of that beautiful midday light, but you’ll be looking at it through the filter of your window treatment, rather than completely blocking it out. You’ll also be able to spread the light throughout your room by allowing the sunlight’s fragments to pour through the see-through gauze even when your curtains are drawn. Even if you use something slightly heavier like silk, you can still have the benefit of getting a bit of soft light at the end of the day. You can also layer different-colored gauze drapes over each other to add a bit of color and create more of a prismatic effect. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Use Brighter Colors

In addition to choosing the right minimalist window treatment, you’ll also want to make sure your room is doing as much as it can to utilize the daylight. This means scrapping dark colored wallpaper for something brighter, using light-colored furniture and wall hangings, and painting the window frames a darker contrasting color to make everything in the room pop. Even if you don’t get a ton of natural light in a room, adding a dark border can create a great framing effect and help draw the eye toward the light. Have fun with your decorations and wall hangings when trying to make your room more light-friendly. If you pick a color scheme to work with, such as pale yellow or orange, it can even become a fun home improvement challenge to redo the room with a specific color palette in mind.