Helpful Tips on Designing a New Garage

As new homes strive to become larger by each passing design, the trends are also same towards designing the two-car garages. This means that a 2 car garage in the modern times can accommodate a bigger car as well as many other storage needs associated with your cars. There is more attention to the garage designs these days than in the past. A garage should not be deemed as an expensive piece of construction that will take up most of your money. You need a careful design that can be converted into a living room if the need arises. They also develop a better visual appeal when designed carefully.

1. Attached Vs. Detached

Most of the new houses have garages. It is now a basic need to have a garage in a home than in the past. There is a great deal of convenience that comes with the use of attached garages especially during the wet weather and cold winter. However, they also limit the home or property design. If you are planning to develop a new garage, ensure you learn about the benefits of separating it from a house or attaching it to the house to make a perfect choice. The design of your house may favor its attachment or detachment. Therefore, make an informed choice.

2. A Better Entry

In the latest new home designs and constructions, there is a big garage in the standard plan that faces the streets. In most cases, it is often attached to the home. This means you must tour the home utility to navigate to and from the garage. That is a nice design that gets little daily use. For many reasons, this layout saves you more construction money. However, you can consider cutting the costs of the smart entry. This means that your home will be more welcoming and useful.

3. Getting Bigger Always

In 1971, more than 20 percent of all homes in the United States comprised of the one-car garages. More than 35 percent of the one-car garages had big garages that could hold up to two vehicles. In 2007, more than 63 percent of the homes had two-car garages. Moreover, 19 percent of the two-garages could hold more than three vehicles at the same time. Only seven percent of homes had a one-car garage in 2007. The minimal standard for homes now is a two-door garage. Recent developments advocate for a three-to-four car garage. As you can see, the trend is always growing further.

4. A Better Orientation

While you can have the garage door face the streets in your home, you can also adjust the footprint so that you can have the structure have an angle from the streets to their entrance. You should also try to adjust the footprint at a 90-degree angle offset as an ideal design for the garage and home. Moreover, the impact of the garage entrance can be reduced significantly using the 45-degree angle. Some new design allows you to develop a simple garage that can be attached to the home.