Downsize or Upsize? Know When to Move and How   

There are many reasons why you need to move out of your old house. But there’s always the question of what happens next. Should you move to a bigger place or a smaller one?

If you’re indecisive, here are some of the things you should consider when downsizing or upsizing.

When to Upsize

The very reason why people upsize is because their family is growing. For example, living in a two-bedroom apartment with four kids won’t be enough.

Another reason is when you don’t have enough space to move well anymore. This could be due to a growing family, or it could also be because of a new hobby or business. If you find yourself frequently decluttering and still finding not much space, maybe it’s time you should upsize.

How to Upsize

Upsizing is easier than downsizing for a lot of people. You have more space to work, and you can now buy furniture and appliances you never had before.

However, if you want to upsize the right way, here are some tips:

  1. Know your budget. You might get carried away by the dreams of upsizing in an incredibly nice home with large gardens. Don’t go over your limit or you’ll be downsizing in a matter of time.
  2. Be clear with the things you need and not what you want. You might want to move to a five-room apartment, but all you need is a three-bedroom one. Unless you have the money, stick with the practical choice.
  3. If you can, sell your home before you move so, you have more advantage and a little more freedom to cover the costs.

When to Downsize

Some situations lead to downsizing, and it can be the best decision you’ll make.

One of the leading reasons why people downsize is they are close to retirement. Now that you don’t have a steady means of income, you’ll want to make your savings last as long as possible, and that’s possible with a simpler life.

Financial issues are also a very common cause of downsizing. Sometimes you can’t afford to rent a bigger space.

There are also times that a big place isn’t necessary anymore. When your kids finally move out, a bigger place can seem empty. Instead of having unused rooms, it’s much better to move to a cozier place.

How to downsize

The best way to downsize is to declutter and organize all your belongings. Anything you don’t want, damaged, or not using as much anymore should be donated, sold, or thrown away.

Don’t be too sentimental. A shirt you wore once five years ago may bring good memories, but it’s not exactly helping you with space.

Go through your items slowly and plan out your move, especially with your furniture and appliance.


Moving out of your old home is normal, and this decision could lead to either downsize or upsize. Knowing your current status will help a lot in coming up with the right decision. Once you know where to move, the question of how will be much easier.