Different Window Shade Options for Your Home

For each homeowner, designing a space that’s elegant, well-lit, and practical can feel like a big challenge. From picking furniture to deciding the color scheme, there’s a lot that goes into creating a beautiful space that feels like your own. Natural light can do a lot to elevate a space and create natural harmony between all the different elements. But as we all know, too much light can be just as harmful as no light at all in a space, if not more so. When indoor items are exposed to too much sunlight, they can end up becoming faded, warped, or otherwise damaged in a short amount of time. That’s why it’s always important to take sun damage into account when thinking about window treatments and shading. Whether you want to tint your windows using Home Window Tinting or you’re searching for just the right drapes and shades for a room, here are a few window treatment ideas that will help you find the perfect amount of light and shade for each space in your home.

Solar Shades

Many window treatments can provide style and partial shading for when the light becomes too bright. However, when it comes to keeping the sun out and keeping your energy bills low, nothing quite does the trick like solar shades in the home. Solar shade treatments aren’t only in style, they’re bound to stay chic for years with their timeless minimalist aesthetic that lets in natural light while protecting your home from damage. Solar shades can keep your home lit on the sunniest days without causing rooms to overheat quickly. They’re also great for bedrooms as a sunnier alternative to blackout curtains. These see-through curtains also provide a perfect amount of coverage for homeowners who are sensitive about privacy. With solar shades, you’ll still have a view from the outside without having to worry about intruders being able to see in through the outside.

Wood Blinds

For a look that’s both classic and rustic, wood blinds are always high on the list. Available in a ton of different styles and shapes, such as bamboo blinds, large slats, or roller blind panels, wood blinds are a perfect way of letting in the light in controlled doses. For darker, cozier rooms like dens, libraries, or smaller home offices, wood blinds can provide a nice touch for colder days when the sun glares particularly harsh against the snow outside. Wood blinds are eco-friendly, and their ability to be perfectly customized to each room and window style makes them a clear option for homeowners who are looking to mix and match within the home. If you’re feeling especially inspired, you can go for different finishes on the wood blinds in your home to increase or temper the type of natural light you’re getting in each room.

Panel Blinds

The basic panel blind has stayed in the conversation for a long time due to its timeless look and no-frills appeal. Often used to cover large vertical glass doors that separate indoor and outdoor areas in the home, panel blinds give each room instant access to privacy and quiet. The challenge of keeping the light out of larger windows in a room that’s high up has created a need for sleek, minimalist blinds that can be opened and closed at will to provide the best view without risking privacy concerns.

Window Tinting

For unbeatable protection without risking your view, window tinting remains one of the safest and most cost-effective options for increasing shade in your home. Because of its ability to allow light in while keeping heat out, window tinting has been the first choice for tons of businesses, condos, and residential buildings all over the United States for years.

Instead of using shades to block the sun, window tinting uses a special shield that doesn’t just keep the light out but actually works to counteract the damage caused by UV rays that can escape through even the most heavy duty blinds, shades, and curtains in the home. Window tinting is also a great to save money over time, reducing heating and cooling bills by large amounts each quarter. When it comes to privacy, tinting leaves nothing to be desired, protecting homes from prying eyes and making sure that nothing, including valuables or other precious objects, can be seen from the outside. If you’re someone who wants maximum control over the amount of light each room is getting during peak sunlight hours, window tinting could be the best option for you.