Creative Uses for Affordable Self-Storage Units

We all know that self-storage units can be very helpful in so many ways. Basically, they can hold your extra stuff when you’re moving to a new house or renovating your old one. With affordable self-storage units in Montreal, moving or fixing a home becomes so much easier.

But this is a rather limited way of looking at things. In fact, you may want to discuss matters with your storage company and see if you can be more creative in how you use the unit you’re renting. Here are some creative ways of using self-storage units that you may not have thought about before:

  1. Band practice. Many famous bands started out playing in garages. The problem these days is that garages are often full of stuff, and there’s not really that much space. If you have a band, however, you can just practice in a self-storage unit instead of waste your money renting an expensive studio.

In many of these places, the acoustics are actually excellent. Also, you can just leave the instruments inside, so that large drums won’t have to take up too much space at home.

  1. Photography studio. Instead of renting a pricey studio in an office building, you can save your money at the start of your photography career by renting a self-n storage unit instead. Here can store and set up your lights and backdrop and you can keep your reflector here too.
  2. Art studio. It may also be possible to use the rented space for your art, especially if you have more artwork than you can display at home. The best storage spaces have climate control and adequate security so that you know your paintings and sculptures are all safe inside. You can also use it to display the art to buyers.
  3. Warehouse for business stock. Lots of people are making money by buying and selling. However, sometimes you may have to warehouse the items you buy cheap abroad before you can sell it locally to Montreal residents. A self-storage unit is a perfect way to keep your stock, especially if you have adequate security with cameras.
  4. Personal Gym. Not everyone has a large apartment in Montreal that has the space for various pieces of gym equipment. But what if you like to use barbells, rowing machines, or treadmills? Instead of stacking them in your small living room, just get a self-storage unit and place them all there. You can even invite friends over so that everyone can work out at the same time—it’s much more fun this way too.
  5. Do you have a hobby that makes money? Such hobbies can include making your own clothes, jewelry, art, pottery, or furniture. Instead of cluttering up your living space, you can store all your supplies in the self-storage unit and you can use it as a workroom as well. When you’re done, that storage unit can also hold all your finished products so you can sell them.
  6. Gift storage. A self-storage unit is a handy place to hide the gifts you’re planning to give your loved ones for Christmas or for birthdays. Some people just can’t be trusted not to peek at what they’re getting, and it can be a problem if you live with them.

The storage unit is also a convenient place to stash various gifts you’ve received which you really don’t have any use for at the moment. You can place them all in a storage facility until you can organize a garage sale. You can even hold a storage auction, just like on TV!

Have you used your self-storage space in a creative way? Tell us about it in the comments!