Create a Classic Dining Room

The best thing about decorating a dining room is that you can work with traditional designs that never go out of style. While trends for the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms come and go, the dining room remains basically the same. Try these traditional favorites to give your dining room a classic make-over.

Walls and Flooring

Stick to the basics for walls. Painting them in a neutral color such as gray or beige will allow you to give this room a new look in the future without having to do a lot of work. For now, these tones will beautifully show off other design features of the room. Stick to the tried and true flooring such as the plank floors from places like Colonial Plank Flooring.


Wood pieces look classic and never dated. Choose a wood tone that blends nicely with the wood flooring. Start with a dining room table and chairs and build from there. Is there room for a matching hutch? If not a small buffet table can work as well. Depending on the space you have left, you can add additional pieces like corner cupboards or pie safes. Finish off with faux potted trees to fill empty spots.

Window Treatments

A formal dining room is the perfect place for layered window treatments. Start with a sheer curtain for privacy, and top this with energy efficient, room darkening drapes. Use a valance or window scarf to complete the look. If the room is small, use fewer layers to make it look larger and brighter. This could be something as simple as a slatted window blind with a plain valance across the top.

By using traditional flooring, furniture and window treatments, you can create a classic dining room that will remain stylish for years to come. These basic design styles blend well with the rest of the home, and it will give you that formality this space deserves.