Contemporary and Traditional Rectangular Chandeliers to Beautify Your Home

Chandeliers are in use since 17th century and can create an ambience of the living room or dining space. They are made with various naturally occurring crystals which mimic the shape of rings and crown.

When you want to decorate your home with the best light fixtures, then chandeliers are a good option for you. Even the simplest of rectangular chandeliers can add extra brightness and flair to your living or dinning room. To buy these fixtures, you need to consider a few points. Some of the important ones to buy a rectangular crystal chandelier are mentioned below:

Various types of Crystals: There are a lot of different kinds of crystals you can choose from. A rectangle shaped chandelier can be made with Czech crystal or Swarovski crystal. As you are looking for a rectangular chandelier, make sure that the crystals are of uniform shape and size.  Also, check out the pattern in which these crystals are arranged. This will ensure that the light does not hit your eyes.

Size of the room: The best part about buying rectangular chandelier is that they can be installed in any room, irrespective of it shape and size. These not only beautify the room, but also become the focal point of your home. Before you buy one, make sure that you take proper measurement of the room where you want to install it.

Frame of the chandelier:

Frame is an important thing you need to consider when buying a rectangular chandelier. Most of the people get caught up with the fanciness of the crystal types and tend to ignore the frames. Thus, figure out which frame suits your environment and the decor of your home.

Besides the most popular and widely used contemporary and traditional rectangular crystal chandeliers, there are many other types you could opt for. Some of them are listed below:


These kinds of over-the-top candlelit creations will display hand-carved semiprecious stones, which offer exceptional clarity, welcome change from various dull gray colored French glasses that was widely available during the 17th century.

Their frames have multiple number of curved metal “branches” or “arms” that appear as if reaching to the sky.


The backlash of the initial days against the excess which pervaded Baroque era was known famously as Rococo movement.

In that period of Louis XV, mostly chandeliers were of bronze having intricate designs which were slightly weaker in their aesthetics.


If you want to look in the past for any kind of inspiration, consider European designers e.g. Robert Adam and James started pioneering neoclassicism.

Perhaps one of the best-known examples of this kind of style is the “Adam” crystal chandelier.


Unlike leaded glass or rock crystal, Venetian glass will never be cut rather it will be melted and molded into smooth organic shapes.

The first version of Venetian glass chandeliers was presented in the 1700s, with designer called Guiseppe Briati that defines the look that is most recognized today.

Several glass arms which appear to grow right from central metal stem can be adorned with elaborate and colored glass flowers, leaves and fruits.

Georgian/English traditional

As the advancement of glass continued, the crystal chandeliers too became more fashionable. In case, anyone owned palace or similar other luxurious residence particularly in Europe, then a crystal chandelier used to be practically a necessity.