Cleaning Hardwood Floors: 8 Tips You Need to Know

Cleaning hardwood floors is generally easier than cleaning carpeted floors. That is why many homes have wood flooring in Vancouver. Of course, the fact this type of flooring can match any interior design, which increases its appeal.

To make sure your floors will last a long time, here are some tips to keep in mind when cleaning and maintaining your hardw

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  1. Vacuum your floor weekly, without fail.

Don’t allow dirt and dust to settle on your floors for long periods because these things are like sandpaper – they will destroy your floor’s finish over time if not removed. If you feel like vacuuming is a lot of work, consider using a microfiber sweeper or even a dust mop instead.

  1. Keep the rain out of your home.

It rains in Vancouver 7 months a year so if you want to keep your wood floors in tip top shape, you need to make sure you keep the rain out. Water will ruin the finish of your hardwood floor and cause staining if it’s allowed to penetrate deep into its layers.

  1. Know when to use wax and when to avoid it.

Don’t use wax on varnish, shellac, polyurethane and similar surfaces, as doing so will make your floors slippery. Check with the company installing your floors about what polishing products to use.

  1. Remove spills and residue right away.

Have a floor cleaner readily available in your home just in case you need to quickly clean up spills and residue. Not removing liquids right away can pose bigger problems in the future.

  1. Use an extra long doormat.

Removing shoes before entering your home is the ideal thing to do but sometimes we forget. The best solution is to have an extra long doormat that will remove dirt, dust, mud, and ice from your shoes before you enter your home. We would recommend a doormat that is around 6 feet long for this purpose.

  1. Buy furniture pads.

The legs of your furniture can scratch your wood floors so putting pads on them can really help protect your hardwood floors. Besides, moving furniture becomes easier when the legs have pads.

  1. Place rugs in high traffic areas.

The living room and the kitchen are areas in your home that often get a lot of traffic. This will wear down the finish of your floor unless you put some rugs over them. Not only do rugs enhance your space, but these things also protect your expensive hardwood floors.

  1. Deep clean your floors a few times a year.

Even if you clean your floors regularly, it still won’t completely remove dirt, grime, and oil, which could build up over time. Use a wood-cleaning product and follow the instructions on how to use it. Then after application, make sure to rinse with a clean damp mop (if the product’s instructions allows it). Air-dry your floor and ensure it is completely dry.

Removing Stains

If your floor has stain marks, you need to first determine what type of finish you have. If the stain has penetrated through the layers of the wood, it means your floor has a soft oiled finish. On the other hand, if the stain is just on the surface, then the floor has a hard finish.

For hard finish floors, use a soft clean cloth to wipe the surface stains. Don’t use harsh chemicals, sandpaper or steel wool, as these things will damage the finish. For soft oiled wood finish, you can use steel wool and floor wax to remove dark spots. For heel marks, just rub floor wax using fine steel wool. If the stain is oil based, dip a soft piece of cloth into a dishwashing detergent solution to remove the grease and then rinse with water. Dry the spot completely and then smoothen it out with fine sandpaper.