Best Ways to Keep Animals Safe and Healthy in the winter

Owning animals is a serious responsibility that requires you spend as much time taking care of them as you would real kids. While this is easy to do when the weather is nice, it isn’t as easy to accomplish when the temperature drops. Winter can bring so much ice and snow to your region that you don’t want to step outside to get the newspaper in the morning, but you still need to care for your animals. There are simple things you can do to keep your animals safe and healthy until spring comes.

Food and Water

Always make sure that your animals have access to plenty of water and food during the long and harsh winter. If you keep animals outside, keep the dishes in a warm area to prevent the water from turning to ice. Wild animals like mice, squirrels and deer can get into outdoor habitats in the winter and gain access to your animals’ food, which is why you’ll want to check the food daily and remove any food contaminated by other animals. Replace the water at least once a day with fresh water too.

Gate and Fence

Many farmers dislike winter because their animals can get outside, escape their properties and become lost in the snow and ice. Some of these animals remain lost until the spring thaw too. With a good fence and gate system, you can stop your animals from getting out. A drive thru electric gate is a good option for those who come and go frequently because you can more easily lock and unlock the gate to let your own car and others through. Make sure that you check the fence for any holes or openings that might let smaller animals through.

Keep Them Warm

Keeping your animals warm is the best way to keep them healthy and safe through the long winter. If you have indoor pets and animals, the furnace in your home will produce enough heat to keep them warm and safe. You may want to invest in some outdoor heaters for your farm animals and livestock though. Giving them lots of warm bedding and changing that bedding regularly can help too. Whether you have a few outdoor pets or run a large farm, it’s important that you keep all your animals safe and healthy until spring returns.