Advantages and disadvantages of surrogate motherhood program

The center of assisted reproductive technologies “VittoriaVita” for many years provides services of in vitro fertilization, egg donation and surrogate motherhood to the couples who are not able to conceive a child (naturally). It happens that even with the use of advanced technologies against infertility, these procedures can not guarantee the birth of a genetically own child. That is why the last hope is surrogate motherhood. However, what are the good and bad sides of this program?

Disadvantages of surrogate motherhood program

For a infertile couple, an obvious disadvantage is the cost for the program, from 32 to 46 thousand of euros. This amount includes: consultation of the center, juridical services (registration of the husband’s consent of a surrogate mother if she is married, juridical consultation related to a program, preparation of contracts between the parties, registration of the child’s birth certificate, preparation of documents for the surrogate mother that confirm the consent with the fact that the rights for the child will be given to biological parents), payment to the surrogate mother. Also, not the last factor is that the couple will need to stay in Kiev for some time (you need to negotiate and decide on trips with your superiors at work). Not all countries permit by law such method of fighting infertility, and religion can play a role in the perception of such a way to get a long-awaited baby.

For a surrogate mother, a long program term may become problematic, because from the first to the ninth month, her new life will grow and “disturb” her.  If she is married, it will be necessary to have her husband’s notarized consent, and simply moral support in such a hard decision. It is also necessary to regularly visit a doctor, eat healthy food and avoid strong physical activity.

Advantages of surrogate motherhood program

For a infertile couple, this is a 100% opportunity to have a “full” family, because the IVF procedure may not always give a positive result, even with repeated attempts. The center of assisted reproductive technologies carefully choose a candidate for the role of a surrogate mother. This program is allowed by the law of Ukraine, preserving confidentiality and anonymity. In the child’s birth certificate, the parents will be registered as a biological couple. More About  Ukraine, visit here.