A Cowhide Rug Adds Beauty and Style to Any Home

With regard to home decor, animal skin rugs offer a vast array of benefits. For instance, cowhide rugs are one of the most popular animal skin rugs on today’s market, and this is likely due to their warmth, versatility and unique texture. They are also easy to incorporate into any room’s existing decor. Below are some additional facts about these beautiful and unique rugs:

Natural Colors and Patterns

Any person shopping for a rug featuring natural markings and colors is typically pleased with what he or she finds in a cow hide rug. Rugs of this type have unique patterns that blend well with the decor of essentially any room in which they are placed. Whether the interior design is trendy, rustic, or traditional, the interesting patterns of animal skin rugs are sure to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for the homeowner.

Added Texture

Most consumers know that conventional rugs generally have little to offer regarding texture, as most carpeting manufacturers use the same materials. For this reason, a traditional area rug usually pales in comparison to the unique texture and feel of a genuine cowhide rug.


Rugs made from cow hide also offer warmth to a home that traditional rugs cannot provide. Many consumers are surprised to discover how well a rug of this type can reduce drafts during cold weather and make chilly floors a bit warmer during the heart of winter. This is because animal skin rugs have more draft-blocking capabilities than their synthetic counterparts, and therefore can help keep homes and apartments warmer when cold winds are blowing.


Because man-made rugs usually wear out at a faster rate than rugs made from animal skins, durability is also an appealing characteristic of a cowhide rug. In addition, this longevity can be enjoyed without any special care, the latter of which is necessary to keep most synthetic carpets and rugs in good shape.


As an added bonus, cowhide rugs are hypoallergenic, as are many types of animal rugs, and therefore make a great choice for those who suffer from allergies or who are sensitive to certain man-made materials.


Cowhide rugs are extremely versatile as well, since they can be used in unconventional ways as well as serving their main function as a floor covering. For instance, such rugs can double as throws for furniture items that need a face lift. They can also be used as ornamental wall hangings, which is a popular decorating strategy in rustic homes and cabins.

Any consumer who wishes to add style and flair to his or her home or apartment will quickly discover that an attractive, stylish cowhide rug is the ideal way to accomplish this objective. Click here for more information on cowhide rugs.