5 Signs That Tell It Is Time for an Air Conditioning Tune Up

During the summer heat having a working air conditioner is very valuable. However, sometimes you will find that as your home starts to get older you may start to have issues with the air conditioner working properly all the time. The good news is you often get some signs that your air conditioner is starting to have some issues, but a lot of people tend to ignore these signs or they are not even aware of them. That is why you will want to learn about the 5 signs that will help you know if it is time for your air conditioner to get a tuneup or if you are doing okay with your air conditioner like it is now.

The Electric Bills Are Going Up

The electric bill going up all the time is a good sign that you are starting to have some issues with your air conditioner. Now, this does not mean in the middle of summer when you would expect the bills to go up you would have to worry about the bill going up. However, if you are looking at your electric bill and notice that it is starting to skyrocket to almost double to triple what you would expect it to be, then you would want to have a concern.

It is key when you are looking at your utility bill that you figure out how much the air conditioner has been on and the temperature as well. Sometimes the higher bill could be one of your kids turning down the thermostat because they were hot and did not tell you about the fact they changed the thermostat.

You Are Getting A Lot Of Dust In The Home

While this is one thing that you need to realize and it could be a problem that you can solve on your own, you need to consider having a lot of dust in the home as a sign that you may need to get your air conditioner checked out. Some of this will come from the dirty ductwork, lack of filter change, or even the dust and extra grime that is inside of the air conditioner that you can see.

An easy solution that you can do is to change out the furnace filter. However, if you see a lot of dust and dirt on the unit itself, then you may need to get it serviced to get rid of all the dust and dirt that has built up around the unit or inside of the unit, which can not only cause you a lot of issues with the unit working right, but can cause some health problems as well.

Their Is Louder Noises Than Normal Coming Out Of The Unit

When you are using the air conditioner you will typically start to notice that it is supposed to sound like each time it turns on and turns off. However, if you are sitting around the unit and notice it is starting to get louder than normal or has some type of abnormal noise you have not heard of before, then you could have some issues with the air conditioner and it could be time for you to go and get it serviced.

Sometimes the noises you are hearing could be something as simple as the fan needing some oil in the bearings. However, the other problems could be with the internal workings of the air conditioner. So you will want to make sure you look at the different noises and make sure you call a professional to come out and service the unit or you could have the issues starting to build up over time and cause more issues than what you can imagine with your air conditioner.

Not Getting Cold Air Anymore

This is a common complaint that people are going to have and that is going to be the lack of cold air. When you are not getting cold air out of your air conditioner it could be coming because of multiple factors. However, what you need to realize is each one of these factors are ones that you should be addressing properly and in a timely manner. If you do not do this at the right time, you could have more problems with the air conditioner starting to cause you even more problems or what is worse it could stop working completely.

The common cause of this problem can vary, but it could also be related to freon issues. When the freon is low you will notice the air conditioner does not typically provide as much cold air as you would expect. So this is going going to be an issue that you are going to need to get a professional out to address the issue.

It Has Been Over A Year Since It Was Checked

While you may think that because the air conditioner turns on and your home gets cool that it is fine, that is not the case. If your air conditioner has not been serviced for over a year, then you will want to consider getting it serviced. That is because you will notice the air conditioner is working and not having any issues. However, a yearly service plan is one that will actually help you keep the air conditioner working right and guarantee that it is not going to have any problems over the time frame that you are looking to have it running.

Being able to properly service your air conditioner is a good thing. However, what you will find is it anbe a challenge to know when it is time to get your air conditioner tuned up. By knowing about these five signs according to www.bluonenergy.com you will be able to get the right service for your air conditioner before you start to have some major service issues. Then you are able to get the air conditioner that is going to be running for you all the time and be able to get the air conditioner to cool off your home in the middle of summer.