5 Good Reasons to Choose Granite Kitchen Countertops

When redesigning your kitchen, it can be a challenge to combine function with style when choosing the right pieces and parts. Your kitchen is a place where people will come to gather, eat, and talk: It shouldn’t just be a place to prepare food. It should be a stylish and well-ordered meeting place for your family and friends to hang out. Because of this, choosing the right countertop can really help refine your space and give it a great look. If you want to turn your kitchen into a place where everyone wants to be, think about choosing granite for your countertop.

1. It’s Beautiful

The main reason why so many people choose granite for their countertop is that it simply looks stunning. If you’re looking for elegance and style when choosing kitchen countertops, you won’t have to look hard before you hit upon a granite option that hits all the high points, like NEKA Granite Marble Quartz. Granite is also extremely adaptable and works with just about every color and design. Choosing granite will allow you to design the color scheme you want for your kitchen without having to worry about anything clashing with your countertop.

2. It’s Durable

As an unyielding, durable surface, granite is made to last. It takes a lot of force and pressure to create even the slightest rift or crack in a granite countertop no matter how thick or thin it is. Whether you’re planning on doing a ton of kitchen work and prep on your countertop, or just designing a space for social time, granite will last a long time without buckling under pressure or show signs of age.

3. It Won’t Absorb Stains

If you purchase a sealed granite countertop, you’re set to make as much of a mess as you want in your kitchen without having to worry about bacteria or stains. Sealed granite creates a surface that is virtually stain-proof an anti-absorbent so that all you’ll have to do when a spill happens is quickly wipe it up. You don’t need to worry about bacteria or dirt getting past the surface.

4. It’s Easy to Clean

When it comes to granite, not only does the material’s unique marbled design help disguise stains, its smooth surface also makes it incredibly easy to wipe up any stains with one motion. Because granite countertops are usually sealed, they won’t allow any dirt or grime to build up or fall into any nooks and crannies. Your stains will be fully prevented from spreading, and bacteria won’t stand a chance of growing on your countertop.

5. It Makes Your Home More Valuable

Doing a remodel of your kitchen is always a great way to spike the value of your home, especially if you’re looking to sell within the next few years. However, choosing the right materials for your new kitchen could make all the difference when it comes time to estimate value and make a sale. If you choose granite for your countertop, you’ll be boosting your home’s value instantly, no matter what you decide to do with the rest of your kitchen or home.