4 Roof Issues You Need To Check During Summer

Most homeowners worry about the state of their roof in winter, fearing that snow and ice can leave it with significant damage. Many fail to see that summer can be just as harmful to their roof.

Aside from checking on the problems that summer weather can cause, it’s also the perfect time to get your roof inspected before the colder temperatures set in.

Here are 5 things that can ruin your roof in the summer:


There may be no ice or snow this season, but summer storms can be just as bad. Coupled with the heat of summer, your roof can really take a beating.

Summer heat can compromise the integrity of your roofing material, breaking it down and causing tiny cracks. When it rains, water can seep through these cracks and lead to water damage and staining in your ceilings and interior walls. Water can also cause wood rot, mold, and mildew.

Poor ventilation

The heat and humidity of summer can cause ventilation problems in your attic. If the attic is not well-ventilated and is often warm and humid, there will be a buildup of humidity and moisture. These conditions can compromise your roof structure, making it weak.

Excessive heat and humidity in the attic can also cause dry rot and mold and mildew growth. To avoid all these, it’s important that you have your attic checked during a professional roof inspection. Expert roofers will look into your ventilation situation and offer solutions to keep your roof from deteriorating from the inside.

Cracked shingles

The blazing heat of summer can cause shingles to become dry and brittle. In this state, they can easily crack, break, or peel away from your roof. If you find bits of broken shingles in your yard or shingle granules in the gutters or drains, there’s a good chance that the summer heat is causing your shingles to break down.

When there are cracked, broken, or missing shingles, your roof cannot properly protect your home. Broken or missing shingles can lead to cracks and holes that can then cause water damage, rot, deterioration, and mold growth.

Clogged drains

Summer storms can leave your gutters clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris. Bits of broken shingles can gather in your gutters and create dams.

When your gutters and drains are clogged, water cannot flow away from your roof. Instead, water will pool and seep into your roof structure through tiny cracks on the surface. This leads to water damage and a lot of other roof problems.

During a roof inspection, roofing contractors will check your gutters and drains. They will make sure that all debris is removed and that there are no blockages anywhere. It’s also a good idea to check your roof (or have it checked) for debris after every storm.

Summer is indeed for fun and relaxation. But while you’re at it, make sure that you also take the time to have your roof properly inspected and maintained. This ensures that your roof will be able to protect your home for the rest of the year and for many years to come.