4 Easy Maintenance Tips for Home Improvement & Problem Prevention

Whether it’s your house or your home, prevention is always key to avoiding unnecessary challenges and expenses down the road. Read these tips and discover effective ways to keep your home and health in good condition.

  1. Tidy up your air conditioner condenser

During the start of cooling or warming seasons, it’s best to give these machines a clean. This is to extend their functionality and improve durability.

Vacuum-clean the unit to get rid of dusts, clear debris or any other objects that are left on its ducts and straighten any bent fins.

Annual visits and repairs from technicians would be best to fix any damages in the interior ducts, freon replacement and remeshing would be best to help the entire system to run smoothly.

If the air that circulates within your home is clean, there would be fewer chances of respiratory problems and the presence skin asthma.

  1. Check the roof and ceilings for leaks and clogging

Tired of those dripping spouts during wet seasons?

Climb onto the roof and sweep off those dry leaves and mold that’s been clogging your gutters and drainage system,

You can also climb up to your home’s attic and examine the roof to see if the sun’s rays penetrate. If there is light visible through these holes, water will be allowed to come in, too.

It would be best to apply sealant like epoxy, a sturdy material, which will withstand high temperature and moisture.

  1. Get rid of mildew and mold

Hate those dark corners and icky wet parts? If you want to identify and remove mold the right way, read these tips:

    • Molds and mildew are present where there is consistent moisture. Whenever there’s a shady, cool and damp area, the fungi finds room to grow.
    • This might be anywhere under or beside your refrigerator, washing machine, behind toilet bowls, under your kitchen sink and even inside your cabinets.
  • Remember that applying paint will just fix the problem superficially, so you must consider asking help from professionals.
  1. Clean your faucets regularly to improve water pressure

If you’re tired of weak water pressure in the shower or from the sink, read these tips about how you can clean the faucets and improve water pressure in your home:

The aerators in your faucets are little screens that help to aerate the water. The problem is that they’re also the perfect place for sediment to build up. By unscrewing the end of your faucet, removing the aerator and giving it a quick clean, you can dramatically improve the water pressure.  


Celine Tringdad is a blogger who loves DIY home maintenance and gardening. She has a knack for anything that needs construction and cleaning, and enjoys sharing her tips with others.