3 Renovation Ideas to Bring More Natural Light Into Your Home

Did you know that if your home is lacking natural light, your mental and physical health can suffer? That’s right– Houses that are too dark can increase stress levels, while exposure to natural light helps to boost feelings of positivity, promote a healthy sleep cycle, improve mental functioning and even regulate your hormones! There are so many reasons to bring more natural light it your home, and so many ways to do so. However, we believe that the following three methods are the most practical and worthwhile solutions for increasing your home’s natural light:

  • Install Skylights (with Diffusers)

Traditional skylights are a highly effective way to allow natural light into your Melbourne home. That being said, many varieties of skylights are a bit too simple in how they function, to the users’ detriment. They will no doubt increase light flow, but may also increase heat and glare, which can make your home feel pretty unpleasant. Skylight diffusers are a helpful way to remedy this. Their role is to evenly distribute the light coming through your skylight so that your home can maintain consistent light flow and internal temperatures no matter how sunny it is outside. Diffusers are also beneficial for reducing UV damage that could otherwise affect your furniture, artwork, flooring and other fixtures. They come in all sorts of finishes, and some diffusers even include exhaust fans to limit moisture in your home. If you want a way to allow clean, natural light into your residence without compromising your comfort levels, skylight diffusers are ideal.

  • Consider the Addition of Roof Windows

Roof windows may sound similar to skylights, but they actually have a few key differences. Unlike skylights, roof windows can be opened and closed to allow for interior ventilation. They work just like a normal window, and can be operated by hand or by remote control (if they are too high to reach). Roof windows make a great addition to lofts, finished attics or anywhere else with slanted ceilings. These rooms tend to get quite hot in the summer and bitterly cold in the winter. With some new roof windows to upgrade the space, you can allow light and warmth into the room when it needs warming up, or keep the windows closed and the airconditioning on to cool down the space without sacrificing natural light. When installing roof windows in Melbourne or areas with similar climates, look for well-insulated varieties to keep out draught and cold. The material your window frame is made of and type of glazing it has will affect how much the external temperatures can penetrate it. But regardless of what sort of roof window you pick, it’s guaranteed to increase the natural light in your home and make for a more pleasant space.

  • Trade Your Shades for Blinds and Shutters

Shades are a great way to minimize light exposure in your rooms when sleeping, watching a movie, or doing anything else that requires complete darkness. That being said, shades are not a very suitable options for homeowners who prefer more control over how much light enters their home. Shades are usually either wide open (allowing all light and heat through) or fully shiut (making the room cool and dark). There is very little middle ground when using window shades. Blinds and shutters, on the other hand, are useful window fixtures for people who want to infiltrate their home with natural light. Both blinds and shutters have slats that can be opened and closed as you please to allow as much or as little light into your home. Like skylight diffusers, blinds and shutters help to evenly filter natural light to reduce glare, heat and sun damage. This means that you can lounge around your home in peace without worrying about harsh light that may affect the interior environment.

Homes with an abundance of natural light are much more pleasant than houses with artificial lighting or no lighting at all. Relying on natural sources to illuminate and warm your home can save you lots of money in the long run, as you won’t have to use expensive energy sources as often. For this reason alone, the three aforementioned renovations aer guaranteed to pay for themselves in no time. But the benefit that natural light has on your domestic health and wellbeing is what really makes it worth it. These three simple additions are enough to provide you and your family with a home environment that will support your overall standard of living for years to come.

If you’re unsure which option is right for you, or how exactly to implement it, you may want to do a bit of research before you begin. There are all sorts of different roof window and skylight design principles that may come into play depending on your home structure and needs. Blinds and shutter design is more straightforward, but there’s still nothing wrong with seeking professional guidance on which styles to pick. So if you’re ready to increase the natural light in your home, consider these three ideas and contact your local skylight or window specialist to help you adopt them.