2017 Style Trends

What updates can you make to your home to bring it bang up-to-date in 2017? Fitted bedroom expert DM Design has advised on what styles to look out for in 2017, and how you can make little tweaks to your home to give it a very contemporary feel.

Green is a goer

Not your typical colour for home décor, green is one of the big-hitting colours for this year. The brighter and more emerald you can go, the more on-trend you’ll be. Bringing greens into your home is supposed to give a feeling of revitalisation, and reflects the current topical interest in environmental sustainability.

Can’t go green? Go jewels

Jewel colours are particularly prominent – namely the rich sapphires, luxurious ruby colours and deep emeralds. Throw these splashes in whenever you can to add a dash of wealth to each room.

A relaxed, bohemian vibe takes priority

Cast away the shackles of formality in the home and adopt a more bohemian vibe. Think soft furnishings, wicker baskets, soft edges and mixed fabrics and you’re on the right lines.

Your furry friends

Faux fur is big this year, and it’s finding a place in your home no matter what season or style of home you have. With fur in 2017, you have the choice of just a little hint in cushions or lamp shades, or going bigger with rugs and throws.

Industrial style is still strong

The strong industrial style of recent years continues to thrive. This is best seen in kitchen items, with metallic fixtures and fittings, or distressed stools and tables. Choose a couple of signature industrial-style pieces and that’s all you’ll need to nod to the look.

Mix your patterns

Mix together different types of stripes, florals or other prints and you bring your home right into 2017. A daring move can make a brilliant impact on a room – and really change the landscape of your home.